Training is scheduled on an individual basis for all CU faculty, staff, and students who require hands-on access to the NMR instrumentation in the facility. Group training is not encouraged, and is generally not practical. It is not permitted for potential new users to accompany (or "shadow") other users prior to initial training. Only the NMR Facility staffs are permitted to offer any instruction or demonstration in the operation of the NMR instrumentation.

Please consider the following before contacting Dr. Lama to schedule training:

  • Before getting trained and checked-out, please ensure that you are at a point in your research such that you will be using the NMR facility on a regular basis (at least weekly). If you have NMR needs, but won't continue to use the facility on a regular basis, the facility staff will be happy to assist you in acquiring, processing, and plotting your NMR spectra. Just contact us and let us know what your needs are.

  • When you know that you will have a sample requiring NMR, and you will begin using the NMR facility on a regular basis, please contact Dr. Lama to schedule your initial training session. Depending on your experience level this might require between 30-minutes to over an hour. To become checked-out for unsupervised use, the following progression applies:

    1. The initial training session, following the standard "Bare Bones" guides will be done, as we acquire your first spectrum (or spectra) together. Please limit the number of samples to one or two for the first session

    2. Contact Dr. Lama to schedule time when you need NMR again (preferably a day in advance, if possible). You will operate the instrumentation under supervision at this time. Facility staff will assist and advise as necessary to clarify the process and to ensure that you get quality results.

    3. You will continue to operate the instruments under supervision, until you demonstrate proficiency and feel comfortable and confident with all aspects of using the instrumentation. Each time, you need to schedule the time by contacting Dr. Lama in advance.

    4. Once you are proficient and comfortable with using the instrumentation, you will be declared checked out for unsupervised use. At this time, an account will be setup for you to use the online reservation system (for the 400 and 500 MHz instruments). You will also be given, if desired, after hours access to the facility. Be sure you ask about this, and to make sure you can access the laboratory after hours.

Note: we discourage new users from using standard (or unnecessary) samples, simply to get checked out before they have their own samples. This often leads to a new users going through the full initial training, and then it is several weeks or months before they return. This usually requires re-training, and results in a lot of wasted time.