Please follow the instructions to create your user account and schedule the instrument time.

First sign in

  • Enter the common password (you will get the common password from NMR facility satff when you complete the NMR training) and click on log in

Log in with common pass word

  • Click on any time reservation block and the following screen should appear​.

Second sign in

  • Again click on sign in on the reservation area (highlighted) and the following window will appear.

Click new user account

  • Click create new user account and enter your following infromation.
  1. Email: your email address
  2. Password: any password  (you do not need password)
  3. Name: your full name
  4. Phone number: optional
  5. Supervisor: your advisor's name  

Then click create.

New user account information

This step will create your account and sign you in the calendar reservation page. Once you have account, you can directly go to the instrument calendar and sign in with your email address and password to reserve the instrument.