Research Highlights




56.  “Gold nanoclusters cause selective light-driven biochemical catalysis in living nano-biohybrid organisms

Bertram J.R., Ding Y., Nagpal P.*, Nanoscale Advances, DOI: 10.1039/D0NA00017E (2020). (Link)

55.  “Analysis of Identification Method for Bacterial Species and Antibiotic Resistance Genes Using Optical Data From DNA Oligomers

Wood R.L., Jensen T., Wadsworth C., Clement M., Nagpal P., Pitt W.G.*, Frontiers in Microbiology, 11:257 (2020). (Link)


54.  “Co-doping metal oxide nanotubes: Superlinear photoresponse and multianalyte sensing

Saleh I.K., Ding Y., Nagpal P.*, Materials Research Express, 6, 1150b1 (2019). (Link)

53.  “Diagnostic optical sequencing

Korshoj L.E., Nagpal P.*, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11, 35587 (2019). (Link)

52.  “Isolating the Escherichia coli transcriptomic response to superoxide generation from cadmium chalcogenide quantum dots

Aunins T.R., Eller K.A., Courtney C.M., Levy M., Goodman S.M., Nagpal P., Chatterjee A.*, ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 5, 4206 (2019). (Link)

51.  “Photophysical color tuning for photon upconverting nanoparticles

Sun Q.-C., Ding Y., Nagpal P.*, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11, 27011 (2019). (Link)

50.  “Near-infrared light triggered antimicrobial indium phosphide quantum dots

Levy M., Bertram J.R., Eller, K.A., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58, 11414 (2019). (Link)

49.  “Nanorg microbial factories: Light-driven renewable biochemical synthesis using quantum dot-bacteria nano-biohybrids

Ding Y., Bertram J.R., Eckert C., Bommareddy R.R., Patel R., Conradie A., Bryan S., Nagpal P.*, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141, 10272 (2019). (Link)

Invention highlighted by University of Colorado Press Release (Link), Colorado Public Radio (Link), R&D Magazine (Link), Science Daily (Link), Danielle Smith Show (Link)

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48.  “BOCS: DNA k-mer content and scoring for rapid genetic biomarker identification at low coverage

Korshoj L.E., Nagpal P.*, Computers in Biology and Medicine, 110, 196 (2019). (Link)

47.  “Tuning ternary Zn1-xCdxTe quantum dot composition: Engineering electronic states for light-activated superoxide generation as a therapeutic against multidrug-resistant bacteria.”

Levy M., Chowdhury P.P., Eller, K.A., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 5, 3111 (2019). (Link)

46.  “Quantum dot therapeutics: a new class of radical therapies

Levy M., Chowdhury P.P., Nagpal P.*, Journal of Biological Engineering, 13:48 (2019). (Link)

Invited Review as "Emerging Leader in Biological Engineering"

45.  “Nucleotide and structural label identification in single RNA molecules with quantum tunneling spectroscopy

Abel G.A., Korshoj L.E., Otoupal P.B., Khan S.K., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, Chemical Science , 10, 1052 (2019). (Link)


44.  “Assessing different reactive oxygen species as potential antibiotics: Selectivity of intracellular superoxide generation using quantum dots

Levy M.,Courtney C.M., Chowdhury P.P.,Ding Y.,Grey E.L., Goodman S.M., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, ACS Applied BioMaterials , 1, 529 (2018). (Link)

43.  “Designing superoxide-generating quantum dots for selective light-activated nanotherapy

Goodman S.M., Levy M., Li F.F., Ding Y., Courtney C.M., Chowdhury P.P., Erbse A.,Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, Frontiers in Chemistry , 6, 46 (2018). (Link)

42.  “High-throughput block optical DNA sequence identification”,

Sagar D.M., Korshoj L.E., Hanson K., Chowdhury P.P., Otoupal P.,Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, Small , 14, 1703165 (2018).(Link)
Invention highlighted by University of Colorado Press Release (Link)
Press: Phys.Org (Link), Health Unlocked (Link), Global News Connect(Link), Buffzone (Link), NewsWise (Link), Health & Medicine News (Link), Science Daily (Link)


41.  “Conformational smear characterization and binning of single-molecule conductance measurements for enhanced molecular recognition”,

Korshoj L.E., Afsari S.,Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, Journal of the American Chemical Society , 139, 15420 (2017).(Link)
Invention highlighted by University of Colorado Press Release (Link)
Press: Phys.Org (Link), Health Unlocked (Link), Global News Connect(Link), Buffzone (Link), NewsWise (Link), Health & Medicine News (Link), Science Daily (Link)

40.  “Quantum point contact single-nucleotide conductance for DNA and RNA sequence identification”,

Afsari S., Korshoj L.E., Abel G.A., Khan S.K., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, ACS Nano , 11, 11169 (2017).(Link)
Invention highlighted by University of Colorado Press Release (Link)
Press: Phys.Org (Link), Health Unlocked (Link), Global News Connect(Link), Buffzone (Link), NewsWise (Link), Health & Medicine News (Link), Science Daily (Link)

39.  “Potentiating antibiotics in drug-resistant clinical isolates via stimuli-activated superoxide generation”,

Courtney C.M., Goodman S.M., Nagy T.A., Levy M., Bhusal P., Madinger N.E., Detweiler C.S., Nagpal P.*, Chatterjee A.*, Science Advances,3, e1701776(2017). (Link)
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38.  “Photon upconversion towards applications in energy conversion and bioimaging”,

Sun Q.C., Ding Y., Sagar D.M., Nagpal P.*, Progress in Surface Science, 92, 281 (2017).(Link)
Invited Review

37.  “ROS mediated selection for increased NADPH availability in Escherichia coli”,

Reynolds T.S., Courtney C.M., Erickson K.E., Wolfe L.M., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P., Gill R.T. Biotechnology and Bioengineering , 114, 2685 (2017).(Link)

36.  “Titanium dioxide nanotube membranes for solar energy conversion: effect of deep and shallow dopants”,

Ding Y., Nagpal P.*, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 10042 (2017). (Link)

35.  “Single nucleobase identification using biophysical signatures from nanoelectronic quantum tunneling”,

Korshoj L.E., Afsari S., Khan S., Chatterjee A.*, Nagpal P.*, Small, 13, 1603033 (2017). (Link)


34.  “Split-Wedge Antennas with Sub-5 nm Gaps for Plasmonic Nanofocusing”,

Chen X., Lindquist N.C., Klemme D.J., Nagpal P., Norris D.J., Oh S.H., Nano Letters, 16, 7849 (2016). (Link)

33.  “Standalone anion- and co-doped titanium dioxide nanotubes for photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical solar-to-fuel conversion”,

Ding Y., Nagpal P.*, Nanoscale, 8, 17496 (2016). (Link)

32.  “Observation of thermal beaming from tungsten and molybdenum bull's eyes”,

Park J., Han S., Nagpal P., Norris D.*, ACS Photonics, 3, 494 (2016). (Link)

31.  "Photoexcited quantum dots for killing multidrug-resistant bacteria"

Courtney C.M., Goodman S.M., McDaniel J.A., Madinger N.E., Chatterjee A.*, Nagpal P.*, Nature Materials,15, 529 (2016). (Link)
Voice of America story about light-activated quantum dot therapy (Link)
France24 covered the discovery in in their program Tech24 (Link)
ABC NEWS Denver Channel 7 covered the discovery in evening News (Link)
National Science Foundation News Highlight (Link)
Invention highlighted by University of Colorado Press Release (Link)Huffington Post (Link)Daily Mail (Link), Boston Global Media-Stat (Link)Yahoo News (Link)Popular Mechnaics (Link), Times of India (Link)Zee News (Link), Big News Network (Link), The Statesman (Link), Detroit News Time (Link), ChBE Highlight (Link)Materials Research Society (Link)
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30.  “Long-range energy transfer in self-assembled quantum dot-DNA cascades”,

Goodman S.M., Siu A., Singh V., Nagpal P.*, Nanoscale, 7, 18435 (2015). (Link)

29.  “Air-gating and chemical-gating in transistors and sensing devices made from hollow TiO2 semiconductor nanotubes”,

Alivov Y., Funke H., Nagpal P.*, Nanotechnology, 26, 295203 (2015). (Link)

28.  “Measurements of Single Nucleotide Electronic States as Nanoelectronic Fingerprints for Identification of DNA Nucleobases, their Protonated and Unprotonated States, Isomers, and Tautomers”,

Ribot J.C., Chatterjee A.*, Nagpal P.*, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119, 4968 (2015). (Link)

27.  “Charge transport through exciton shelves in cadmium chalcogenide quantum dot-DNA nano-bioelectronic thin films”,

Goodman S.M., Noh H., Singh V., Cha J.N., Nagpal P.*, Applied Physics Letters,106, 083109 (2015). (Link)

26.  “Air-pressure tunable depletion width, rectification behavior, and charge conduction in oxide nanotubes”,

Alivov Y., Funke H., Singh V., Nagpal P.*, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7, 2153 (2015). (Link)


25.  “Titanium-dioxide homojunction p-n diode”,

Alivov Y., Ding Y., Singh V., Nagpal P.*, Applied Physics Letters, 105, 263501 (2014). (Link)

24.  “Low Exciton-Phonon Coupling, High Charge Carrier Mobilities, and Multiexciton Properties in Two-Dimensional (2D) Lead, Silver, Cadmium, and Copper Chalcogenide Nanostructures”,

Ding Y., Singh V., Goodman S.M., Nagpal P.*, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 5, 4291 (2014). (Link)

23.  “Multiple Energy Exciton Shelves in Quantum Dot-DNA Nano-Bioelectronics”,

Goodman S.M., Singh V., Ribot J.C., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 5,3909 (2014). (Link)

22.  “Pseudo-direct bandgap transitions in silicon nanocrystals: Effect on optoelectronics and thermoelectrics”,

Singh V., Yu Y., Sun Q., Korgel B., Nagpal P.*, Nanoscale, 6,14643 (2014). (Link)

21.  “Copper plasmonics and catalysis: Role of electron-phonon interactions in dephasing localized surface plasmons”,

Sun Q., Ding Y., Goodman S., Funke H., Nagpal P.*, Nanoscale, 6,12450 (2014). (Link)

20.  “Transparent conducting oxide nanotubes

Alivov Y., Singh V., Ding Y., Nagpal P.*, Nanotechnology, 25, 385202 (2014).(Link)
Paper highlighted as Publishers Pick by Institute of Physics (IOP).(Link)
Paper selcted as IOP select (article free to access for all for a year and included in a special online collection of the highest quality work published across the IOP Publishing journals portfolio)
Press: NanotechWeb from Institute of Physics.(Link)

19.  “Doping of wide-bandgap titanium-dioxide nanotubes: Optical, electronic and magnetic dopants”,

Alivov Y., Singh V., Ding Y., Cerkovnik L.J., Nagpal P.*, Nanoscale, 6, 10839 (2014). (Link)

18.  “Effect of plasmon-enhancement on photophysics in upconverting nanoparticles

Sun Q.-C., Ribot J.C., Singh V., Mundoor H., Smalyukh I.I., Nagpal P.*, Optics Express, 22, 11516 (2014). (Link)

17.  “Photocatalysis deconstructed: design of a new catalyst for artificial photosynthesis

Singh V., Beltran I.J.C., Ribot, J.C., Nagpal P.*, Nano Letters, 14, 597 (2014). (Link)

16.  “Direct conjugation of DNA to quantum dots for scalable assembly of photoactive thin films

Noh H., Goodman S.M., Mohan P., Goodwin A.P., Nagpal P., Cha J.N.*, RSC Advances, 4, 8064 (2014). (Link)

15.  “Plasmon-Enhanced Energy Transfer for Improved Upconversion of Infrared Radiation in Doped-Lanthanide Nanocrystals

Sun Q.-C., Mundoor H., Ribot J.C., Singh V., Smalyukh I.I., Nagpal P.*, Nano Letters, 14, 101 (2014). (Link)
Highlighted in Nature Materials
Press: Hispanic Business, Vertical News, and Journal of Visualized Experments (JoVE)


14.  “Fabrication of Smooth Patterned Structures of Refractory Metals, Semiconductors, and Oxides via Template Stripping

Hyuk J., Nagpal P., McPeak K.M., Lindquist N., Oh S.H., Norris D.J., ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5, 9701, (2013). (Link)

13.  “Plasmonic nanofocusing with a metallic pyramid and an integrated C-shaped aperture

Lindquist N., Johnson T.W., Nagpal P., Norris D.J., Oh S.H., Scientific Reports, 3, 1857, (2013). (Link)

12.  “Measurement of electronic states of PbS nanocrystal quantum dots using scanning tunneling spectroscopy: The role of parity selection rules in optical absorption

Diaconescu B., Padilha L.A., Nagpal P., Swartzentruber B.S., Klimov V.I, Physical Review Letters, 110, 127406, (2013). (Link)


11.  “Single-Crystalline silver films for plasmonics

Hyuk J., Ambwani P., Manno M., Lindquist N., Nagpal P., Oh S.H., Leighton C.,Norris D.J., Advanced Materials, 24, 3988, (2012). (Link)

10.  “Improved dielectric function in metallic films obtained via template stripping

Hyuk J., Nagpal P., Oh S.H., Norris D.J., Applied Physics Letters, 100, 081105, (2012). (Link)

9.  “Engineering metallic nanostructures for plasmonic and nanophotonics"

Lindquist N., Nagpal P., McPeak K., Norris D.J., Oh S.H., Reports on Progress in Physics, 75, 036501, (2012). (Link)


8.  “Role of mid-gap states in charge transport and photoconductivity in semiconductor nanocrystal films”  

Nagpal P., Klimov V.I., Nature Communications, 2:486 , (2011). (Link)
Press: MRS Bulletin and NanotechWeb from Institute of Physics

7.  “Spectral dependence of nanocrystal photoionization probability: The role of hot-carrier transfer

Padilha L.A., Robel I., Lee D.C., Nagpal P., Pietryga J.M., Klimov V.I., ACS Nano, 5, 5045, (2011). (Link)

6.  “Template-stripped smooth Ag nanohole arrays with silica shells for surface plasmon resonance biosensing

Im H., Lee S.H., Wittenberg, N.J., Johnson T.W., Lindquist N., Nagpal P., Norris D.J., Oh S.H., ACS Nano, 5, 6244, (2011). (Link)
Press: NanotechWeb from Institute of Physics

5.  “Fabrication of carbon/refractory metal nanocomposites as thermally stable metallic photonic crystals

Nagpal P., Josephson D.P., Denny N.R., DeWilde J., Norris D.J., Stein A., Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21, 10836, (2011). (Link)


4.  “Three-dimensional Plasmonic Nanofocusing

Lindquist N., Nagpal P., Norris D.J., Oh S.H., Nano Letters, 10, 1369, (2010). (Link)


3.  “Ultra-smooth patterned metals for Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Nagpal P., Lindquist N., Oh S.H., Norris D.J., Science, 325, 594, (2009). (Link)
Highlighted in Nature Photonics and Nature Nanotechnology
Press: Discovery Channel,Technology Review, Physics WorldChemistry World


2.  “Efficient low temperature thermophotovoltaic emitters from metallic photonic crystals

Nagpal P., Han S.E., Stein A., Norris D.J., Nano Letters, 8, 3238, (2008). (Link)

1.  “Thermally stable organic-inorganic hybrid photoresists for fabrication of photonic band gap structures using direct laser writing

Jun Y., Nagpal P., Norris D.J., Advanced Materials, 20, 606, (2008). (Link)


Awarded Patents:

7.  "Nanostructured photocatalysts and doped wide-bandgap semiconductors"

  Nagpal P., Singh V., Beltran I.C., Alivov Y., Ding Y., Cerkovnik L.J., Issued Patent Number: 10,449,530, Award Date: 10/22/2019 (Link)

6.  "Light-activated compositions and methods using the same"

  Nagpal P., Chatterjee A., Courtney C.M., Goodman S.M., Issued Patent Number: 10,383,939, Award Date: 8/20/2019 (Link)

5.  "Quantum molecular sequencing (QM-SEQ): identification of unique nanoelectronic tunneling spectroscopy fingerprints for DNA, RNA, and single nucleotide modifications"

  Nagpal P., Chatterjee A., Ribot J.C., Issued Patent Number: 10,364,461, Award Date: 7/30/2019 (Link)

4.  "Nanostructured photocatalysts and doped wide-bandgap semiconductors"

  Nagpal P., Singh V., Beltran I.C., Alivov Y., Ding Y., Cerkovnik L.J., Issued Patent Number: 9,873,115, Award Date: 01/23/2018 (Link)

3.  "An improved process for continuous production of colloidal liquid aphrons and a device therefor"

   Bhaskarwar A.N., Nagpal P., Issued Patent Number: 277,623, Award Date: 11/25/2016 (Link)

2.  "Replication of patterned thin-film structures for use in plasmonics and metamaterials"

  Norris D.J., Han S.E., Nagpal P., Bhan A., Lindquist N.C., Oh S.-H., Issued Patent Number: 9,356,238, Award Date: 05/31/2016 (Link)

1.  "Replication of patterned thin-film structures for use in plasmonics and metamaterials"

  Norris D.J., Han S.E., Bhan A., Nagpal P., Lindquist N.C., Oh S.-H., Issued Patent Number: 8,948,562, Award Date: 02/03/2015 (Link)