• CHEN 5838: Design of Materials (Graduate Elective Fall 2016, Spring 2018)
    The course includes introduction and study of important concepts in solid state physics ; origin, characterization and design of mechanical, electronic, optical, magnetic, thermal and electrochemical properties of materials; design of bulk and nanostructured composites; introduction to polymers and soft materials; fundamentals of colloids and interfaces; and nanoscale chemistry and physics for design of desired material properties.
  • CHEN 3320: Thermodynamics (Fall 2012, 2013)
    Applies thermodynamic principles to nonideal systems, phase equilibrium, chemical equilibrium, power generation, refrigeration, and chemical processes.
    Requires pre-requisite courses of CHEN 2120 and either CHEM 4511 or 4521.
  • CHEN 4400: Materials Science and Engineering (Spring 2014, 2015)
    Introduces materials engineering, including properties of polymers, metals, ceramics, and semiconductors, especially as related to chemical engineering processes.
    Requires pre-requisite courses of CHEN 3320 and CHEM 3311.
  • CHEN 3310: Applied Data Analysis and Statistics (Fall 2014, Fall 2017, Fall 2018)
    Teaches students to analyze and interpret data. Topics include engineering measurements, graphical presentation and numerical treatment of data, statistical inference, and regression analysis.
    Requires pre-requisite courses of GEEN 1300 and APPM 2360.