Darija Medić
Research fellow

Darija Medić (PhD student, Intermedia Art, Writing an Performance) is a digital practitioner, artist, and researcher, working between spaces of policy, art education, curating, and the public domain. She is a PhD candidate in the Intermedia Art, Writing an Performance Program, where she develops knowledge-making spaces, through unlearning harmful habituation in and with technology. Her interests lie within processes of resourcing and integrating communal agency, in negotiation with design policy, and how embodied cognition can contribute to this conversation. She is the coauthor of a sister book of computational poetics called Tactical Poetics and Optimised Poetics, together with Uroš Krčadinac, introducing poetic practices of co-creational textual production within the tools of mass surveillance, artificial intelligence, and digital commodification, and the founder of Interkultivator, an organisation that focuses on the decentralisation of gender, technology and cultural production in Serbia through creating experimental educational platforms. She has worked as a researcher and producer at DiploFoundation, creating links between critical digital art and policy, including the curation and production of the international exhibition Inside Internet Corridors for the Internet Governance Forum in the UN in Geneva (2017). She was a project manager at Napon – Institute of Flexible Cultures and Technologies and from 2019 she is an associate researcher with kuda.org, working as a coeditor of program activities. As an independent artist and curator, she showed work and collaborated with various institutions internationally such as Device Art (Croatia; Czech Republic), Mindware: Technologies of Dialogue (Poland), Karasssuite (Slovakia; Belgium), Make Me festival (Serbia; Austria), Hacker Space Festival (France), Unlimited Liability (Germany), Memefest (international), Viral Communications conference (Netherlands), and elsewhere.