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johnson lab

Principal Investigator

Pieter Johnson, Principal Investigator, Johnson lab
Dr. Pieter Johnson
Research interests: disease ecology, invasion biology, aquatic ecosystems

Postdoctoral Researchers

Kyle Christianson, Post doctoral Researcher, Johnson lab
Kyle Christianson
Research interests: aquatic ecology, limnology, mountain lakes, climate change
Tara Stewart Merrill, Post doctoral Researcher, Johnson Lab
Tara Stewart Merrill
Research interests: host-parasite interactions, ecological immunology, community ecology, wildlife disease

Graduate Researchers

Brendan Hobart, PhD graduate researcher, student, Johnson Lab
Brendan Hobart
Research interests: niche, biodiversity, parasitism, trophic interactions

Lab Personnel

Dana Calhoun
Dana Calhoun
Research interests: parasitology, host-parasite interactions, wildlife disease, diversity and inclusion
Jamie Curtis
Research Interests: wildlife disease, ecological immunology, disease ecology, trophic cascades, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, epigenetics, wildlife vaccination, zoonosis, integrative physiology, nutrition
Sammy Yevak, Research Technician, Johnson Lab
Sammy Yevak
Research interests: aquatic biology, marine biology, alpine lakes, climate change, environmental education

Undergraduate Researchers

Ben Johnson, Undergraduate Researcher, Johnson Lab
Ben Johnson
Research interests: parasite extended-phenotype hypothesis, parasite host-manipulation, vertebrate development, cell-signaling, epigenetic mechanisms, epithelial-mesenchymal feedback loops (EMIs)
Ty McCaffrey
Ty McCaffrey
Research Interests: Emerging Infectious Disease, Parasitology, Epidemiology, and Public Health
Christina Thompson
Research Interests: Disease ecology, host-parasite interactions, parasitology, climate change, conservation biology, marine ecology, aquatic ecology, biodiversity