Stephanie Dykema, Niwot Ridge, Johnson Lab
Research interests: alpine ecology, aquatic food webs, terrestrial/aquatic interactions, climate change

I am a professional research assistant leading Niwot Ridge’s Long Term Ecological Research Limnology Program. I have a B.S. in Ecology and Environmental Biology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO and I am currently finishing my masters in Ecology and Environmental Sciences at the University of Maine, Orono.

I am interested in understanding phenological responses to climate change and resulting trophic mismatches in both terrestrial and aquatic systems as well as interactions between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. I work with Dr. Johnson to survey alpine lakes in Colorado’s Green Lakes Valley, continuing a long-term monitoring effort that began as early as 1981 and exploring interactions among geochemical, physical, and biotic lake characteristics. I maintain an instrumented buoy line in Green Lake 4 that measures temperature, dissolved oxygen, photosynthetically active radiation, and chlorophyll-a production throughout the water column through all seasons providing insight into how mixing events and seasonal shifts influence nutrient cycling and biotic productivity. I also manage a mesocosm experiment in the subalpine designed to assess the influence early ice-off and increased allochthonous dissolved organic carbon on planktonic productivity and community structure.