Research interests: vertebrate biology, ecosystem interactions, animal science

Greetings! My name is Sophie Strauss. I just graduated from CU Boulder this past Spring of 2022 with a major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a minor in Geology. My research interests include vertebrate biology, ecosystem interactions associated with parasitology, and animal science. I have always had a passion for exotic animal medicine. Working in the Johnson lab has allowed me to expand this knowledge to see how pond ecosystems are impacted by parasite populations.

I have worked with animals throughout my life, whether it’s riding horses, taking care of pets, or working at my local veterinary clinic. I am so excited to utilize the skills I have learned over the summer in my next chapter of life as I apply to Veterinary school. When I’m not in the ponds or swabbing amphibians, I enjoy cooking, doing yoga, and hiking!