Sarah Von Hoene, Undergraduate Researcher, Johnson Lab
Research interests: marine biology and ecology, conservation, invasive species, coral restoration

The great outdoors have always given me a sense of wonder.  From a young age, I realized that I wanted my work to be focused on the world's natural ecosystems and fascinating wildlife.  Upon graduating from high school, I took an internship with an AmeriCorps conservation program, building trails and removing invasive species from a number of national parks in the Western U.S.  I then headed to Thailand, became a certified SCUBA divemaster, and began working at a local dive shop on the island of Koh Tao.  I took undergraduate classes online for two years while I traveled and eventually moved to Colorado to pursue a degree in evolutionary biology and ecology.  

After taking part in a coral reef ecology course led by Dr. Johnson, I was elated to have the opportunity to work with the Johnson Lab as I completed my undergraduate honors thesis.  My research is currently focused on analyzing various underwater data collection techniques for the purpose of coral reef ecology.  With tools such as baited remote underwater video stations (BRUVS), we can assess patterns in community structure and changes in reef ecosystems.  I am also interested in learning more about how parasites play a role in marine ecosystems.  

During my free time, I'm often romping through the mountains, throwing a frisbee with my pup, or starting a new gardening or woodworking project.  Lover of food, type II fun, and all things underwater.