Research interests: entomology, parasitology, disease ecology, climate change

Howdy! I am currently finishing my degrees in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environmental studies. I am extremely fortunate to have the problem of far too many interests to choose from. I love wildlife biology, entomology, parasitology, disease ecology, environmentalism, and physics. It’s always been important to me to fight for those whose voices aren’t heard above the commotion of life, such as the many populations we see impacted by our changing climates and the natural disasters that have followed. The opportunity I have had to work with the Johnson lab (as an REU?) in the field has provided me with an amazing opportunity to pursue some of my passions and see some amazing parasites along the way. All I need now is a career that can combine all of my loves while providing me the opportunity to continue to dance, climb, ski, and paint in my free time.