Kelly Loria, Lead Research Technician, Johnson Lab
Research interests: alpine lakes, zooplankton community dynamics, invasive species, climate change

I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EBIO), and currently am the lead technician on Niwot Ridge’s Long Term Ecological Research Limnology Program.

I’m broadly interested in understanding the ecological mechanisms underlying natural processes and conservation-based research within aquatic ecosystems. Since 2015, I’ve been working with Dr. Johnson to survey alpine lakes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (Green Lakes Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Arapaho National Forest) in order to assess how abiotic characteristics and biotic community composition of pelagic organisms shifts along an elevation gradient. Similarly, I maintain a long term data set of alpine lakes within the Green Lakes Valley that aims to gauge how climate change, notably warming climate patterns and increased nitrogen deposition, is affecting alpine lake ecosystems and functions. This includes installing an instrumented buoy line into Green Lakes 4 to monitor, temperature, dissolved oxygen, photosynthetically active radiation, and chlorophyll-a production throughout the water column in real time and under ice that will provide insight into how mixing events influence nutrient cycling and subsequent biotic productivity across multiple trophic levels.