Research interests: Climate change, conservation biology, aquatic ecosystems, paleoclimatology, parasitology, herpetology

I’m a senior undergraduate at the University of Colorado in Boulder, majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. I’m interested in studying conservation biology, climate change, and other anthropogenic impacts especially in freshwater ecosystems. In a previous research project, I compared water quality and organism abundance in sub-alpine fluvial and lacustrine environments. From this research I developed a desire to learn more about freshwater conservation and how anthropogenic impacts may be impacting different populations. Additionally, I've always been fascinated by dissections! I am so excited to combine all these interests by researching parasite transmission in amphibians with the Johnson Lab this summer! Whenever I'm not in the lab, you can find me backpacking, skiing, hiking, or reading in my hammock.