Who are we looking for?

Child Language researchers in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder are currently looking for infants and toddlers who can help us learn about how young children learn new words.

We are currently looking for young children aged 15-30 months that may be struggling with early vocabulary development without an identitified disability. For example, if your child is at least 15 months old and not using words yet, 18-20 months and uses fewer than 10 words, or two years old and struggling to learn new words (e.g., uses 50 words or less and/or does not combine words into short phrases at 2, or uses fewer than 100 words at 2.5 years), our study may be a good fit for your family! We will engage your child in age-appropriate play and games with fun toys and adults who love working with kids. You are invited to stay with your child at all times.

What are we doing?

Our current treatment study is designed to explore new strategies that may help toddlers who do not have a diagnosed disability (other than developmental delay) but are struggling with vocabulary development learn words faster.

The study consists of several weeks of treatment/learning sessions with your child.  These sessions involve an SLP or SLP graduate student engaging your child in age-appropriate play and games.  You are welcome to stay with your child the whole time.  These fun learning sessions will take place on the CU-Boulder campus in the iTOYS Lab, located in room 350 of the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences building, or at a location convenient for you. We will provide free parking, compensation for travel costs, and a book for your child!  Additionally, you will receive information about your child’s language development as well as some information that may help you encourage your child’s language development at home.

This study is managed by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Dr. Christina Meyers-Denman, CCC-SLP. 

Participation is always voluntary—we would love to have help from your junior scientist!  Please contact us at itoyslab@colorado.edu or call Dr. Meyers-Denman at (303) 492-4951 to get more information about whether this study is a good fit for your child.

Have a younger child, an older child, or a child with or without a disability?

If you do not think our current study is a good fit for your child but are interested in being contacted to learn about other opportunities to get involved in Speech, Language, Hearing and Reading research, check out our registry!  Parents with children age 0-17 years are welcome to join the registry to be contacted about new studies and opportunities in the future.