EsDL LogoThe Entry systems Design Laboratory (EsDL)  was founded at the University of Colorado Boulder by Professor Robert D. Braun in October 2016. The laboratory is affiliated with the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research. This research group was formerly a part of the Space Systems Design Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Research in EsDL focuses on entry, descent, and landing (EDL) systems and the associated technologies for human and robotic exploration of our solar system with a specific focus on atmospheric flight mechanics, hypersonic aerodynamics, and guidance, navigation and control. Typical EsDL research integrates the development and demonstration of new methodologies with the needs of specific spaceflight missions, and is primarily performed using computational and analytical techniques.

EsDL students often complete their research while working on NASA or industry-funded projects using computational methods and multidisciplinary tools developed within the lab or industry-standard software. Upon graduation, EsDL students generally find employment at NASA, JPL, AFRL, SpaceX, Ball Aerospace, Draper Labs, Lockheed-Martin and other prominent aerospace corporations or universities in the United States. Many EsDL students complete summer internships with these same organizations during the conduct of their research.

Note: Professor Braun has recently left the University of Colorado Boulder, and no more students will be admitted to the EsDL