Opening for Post-Doctoral Researcher

I am currently accepting applications for a post-doctoral research position to begin spring or summer 2018. The post-doc will contribute to greenhouse and field experiments investigating the joint evolutionary dynamics of dispersal evolution and habitat specialization, using the goldfield genus Lasthenia as an experimental system. Applicants must have a PhD in evolutionary ecology (or a related field), experience working with natural plant populations in field and greenhouse environments, substantial experience with fieldwork, and a demonstrated commitment to mentoring undergraduate students. The position requires extended periods of fieldwork at the Jepson Prairie Preserve in California during the fall and spring of each year. Additional information and application instructions can be found here.

Graduate Students

My philosophy as an advisor is to help students pursue research projects that reflect their own interests and career goals. The majority of my graduate students design their own thesis projects, however I also welcome the opportunity for students to join and expand on projects that are already underway in our lab. Either way, I expect to learn from my students (in addition to teaching them), and I expect all of my students to contribute to a construct and lab environment.

I am currently recruiting graduate students for the Ph.D. program in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EBIO) at CU Boulder. Prospective graduate students are strongly encouraged to contact me directly via email prior to submitting their application to the department.  The email should include a general description of your interests and background, and why you are interested in joining our lab.  Please also attach a CV with your academic background, grades and GRE scores (if you have them).


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are critical members the Emery Lab team and the EBIO Department at CU. Students can work in the lab as volunteers, as paid employees, or for credit, and can be involved in projects working in the laboratory, greenhouse, or field.  If you are an undergraduate at CU Boulder and would like to gain  experience in plant ecology and evolutionary biology, please contact me via email to set up an appointment and discuss open positions.