Nicholas Pogranichniy, M.Sc.

Graduate (2016-2020)

Kristina Vrouwenvelder, Ph.D.

Graduate (2015-2020), now an assistant scientific editor at Cell Press in Cambridge, MA

Leah Hall, Ph.D.

Graduate (2014-2019), now a process engineer at Tokyo Electron Ltd. in Boise, ID

Marta Sulima, Ph.D.

Graduate (2014-2019), now a research scientist at Chromatic Technologies Inc. in Colorado Springs, CO.

Orion Pearce, Ph.D.

Graduate (2013-2019), now doing a postdoc with Dr. Eric Diau at National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Shelby Beer, M.Sc.

Graduate (2015-2019), now a process chemist at Corden Pharma in Boulder, Colorado.

James Utterback, Ph.D.

Graduate (2013-2018), Postdoc (2018-2019), now doing a postdoc with Naomi Ginsberg at UC Berkeley. 

Hayden Hamby, Ph.D.

Graduate (2013-2018), now a chemist for the Oregon State Department of Agriculture in Portland, Oregon.

Tais Labrador, Ph.D.

Graduate (2012-2018), now a visiting professor at University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Pornthip Tongying, Ph.D.

Postdoc (2015-2017), now a lecturer at Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.

Amanda Grennell, Ph.D.

Graduate (2011-2017), now a freelance science writer and 2018 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow, PBS NewsHour.

Chi-Hung Chuang, Ph.D.

Postdoc (2013-2017), now at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Alec Wild

Undergraduate, University of Chicago.

Yinggang Lu, Ph.D.

Post Doc (2014-2015), now at Thermo Fisher Scientific, in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Katherine Shinopoulos, Ph.D.

Post Doc (2013-2015), now at Dow Chemical

Kyureon Lee, Ph.D. 

Graduate (2011-2015), now at LG Chem in South Korea.

Molly Wilker, Ph.D.

Graduate (2010-2015), now an Assistant Professor at Luther College in Decorah, IA.

Kyle Schnitzenbaumer, Ph.D. 

Graduate (2010-2015), now an Assistant Professor at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY.

Hiroko Nakao, M.Sc.

Graduate (2012-2014), now at Toyota Motors, Japan.

Bryan Tienes, Ph.D.

Graduate (2007-2013), now at Nano and Materials Science at the US Navy.

Sophie Greene

Summer visiting undergraduate (2013), now at Carleton College.

Russell Perkins

Undergraduate (2011-2012), now in the Chemistry PhD program at University of Colorado, Boulder.

Mike Martin

Undergraduate (2012), now at Naval Nuclear Power School.

David Garfield

Undergraduate (2012), now in Chemistry PhD program at the University of California, Berkeley.

Farrah Qureshi

Undergraduate (2010-2011).

Kimberly See

Graduate (2010), now an Assistant Professor at CalTech.