This page contains a selection of problem solving modules that address problems related to solar energy harvesting and related modern scientific questions using the ideas taught in undergraduate quantum mechanics. These modules are a part of the efforts by Prof. Dukovic and co-workers to enrich the instruction of students in the Physical Chemistry 2 course at University of Colorado Boulder by demonstrating how the ideas of quantum mechanics and spectroscopy apply to modern scientific problems affecting society. Additional modules are continuously being developed and revised and will be posted here. Feel free to contact Prof. Dukovic for supporting materials such as Mathematica files.

1. Solar spectrum and solar energy harvesting, developed by Gordana Dukovic
2. Particle in a box: quantum dots, developed by Gordana Dukovic and Kyle Schnitzenbaumer
3. Quantum mechanical tunneling and scanning tunneling microscopy, developed by Gordana Dukovic and Orion Pearce
4. Chemical bonding and absorption of light, developed by Gordana Dukovic