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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Graduate Student Opportunities

The REACH Lab, led by Dr. Lisa Corwin periodically recruits students who would like to obtain a PhD or Masters Degree in Biology with a focus on Biology Education. Our lab currently focuses on questions in three areas: 1) how undergraduate students respond to scientific failures and struggles in laboratory settings, 2) how engaging in the processes of design thinking (i.e., iteratively building and refining a project, product, or plan) increases students potential for creative problem solving in biology, and 3) how involving students in place-based culturally relevant research experiences influences their likelihood to engage and persist in biology - and specifically ecology - endevours. In addition to these areas, our lab is particularly interested in studying contexts that are known for serving underrepresented students in STEM and reflect the future demographics of our country and our discipline, such as Community Colleges.  Students with interests in these or related areas are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Lisa Corwin

Graduate students are expected to engage in both biology and education courses and to interact regularly with the Discipline Based Education Research Group on campus which includes researchers in Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Education and other disciplines. They will also have the opportunity to join a vibrant, supportive community of Biology Education Researchers by working together with Jenny Knight’s group in MCD Biology, with whom we regularly interact to support each others' research endeavors. 

Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Lisa Corwin before applying to discuss their interests and career goals. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Corwin with an email that briefly addresses the following questions:

  1. Briefly describe your educational background, including any informal educational experiences related to the lab or this program.
  2. Describe your long term career goals or interests and how this program will help you achieve them.
  3. Why are you interested in joining this lab in particular?
  4. Briefly describe a Biology Education Research question that you might be interested in pursuing as a graduate student and that fits with this lab's research foci. 
  5. This lab is housed within the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department and I require my students to develop a broad knowledge in these areas in addition to developing education research knowledge over the course of their PhD. Describe how you see your fit with this department.  

More information about graduate studies can be found on the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology website and information on how to apply can be found in the application directions. 

Undergraduate Student Opportunities

The REACH Lab frequently employs undergraduates interested in biology eduction to work on projects investigating the various topics listed on the lab research page.  In general, undergraduate research assistants will be required to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours per week to participate in research and can receive course credit for their work. Contact Dr. Lisa Corwin if you are interested in opportunities with the RE3ACH Lab.