October 2023: Shane and Yuchen's paper "Light-driven Metabolic Pathways in Non-photosynthetic Biohybrid Bacteria" accepted in ChemBioChem. Congratulations!

September 2023: ​Christian's paper "High Throughput Viability Assay for Microbiology" accepted in Nature Microbiology. Congratulations!

Check out how to use the Geometric Viabilty Assay for speeding up your microbiology research using the link provided.

August 2023: Yuchen's paper Light-driven Transformation of Carbon Monoxide into Hydrocrbons using CdS@ZnS:VFe Protein Biohybrids published in ChemSuSChem. Congratulations!

July 2023: Christian awarded NIH K99 Pathway to Independence award! Congratulations!

July 2023: Lab celebrating Fateh and Yangming's very productive summer internship in the Chatterjee lab.


Apr 2023: dana wins the CU Boulder James E. Schafer Leadership Award for $1000!

Apr 2023: Welcome Fateh to the lab! Thanks to support from Mitacs Globalink Research Award Abroad.

Jan 2023: Cory wins the Advanced Light Source (ALS) Doctoral Fellowship at Berkeley Lab! The ALS Doctoral Fellowship allows student researchers to work at the frontier of synchrotron research. At ALS, Cory will continue to employ synchrotron light to investigate the fundamental physics and biology of biomineralization. Congratulations!

Jan 2023: Congratulations Christian on being awarded the Fall 2022 PAC Research/Outreach Grant!

Nov 2022: Kristens paper on use of QD antibiotics to reduce intracellular infections in a bone-infection model is published in Nanoscale Advances!

Sep 2022: Dr. Christian Meyer joins lab as a post-doc. He brings his expertise in biophysics, drug-drug interactions, as well as novel high-througput methods to measure bacterial viability! Welcome!

May 2022: Nolan defends Ph.D. and becomes Dr. O'Connor! Congratulations!!

April 2022: Colleen defends Ph.D. and becomes Dr. McColllum! Congratulations!!

December 2021: Kristen Eller defends Ph.D. and becomes Dr. Kristen Eller! Congratulations!!

November 2021: Peter and Kristen 's paper on "Potentiating antibiotic treatment using fitness-neutral gene expression perturbations" published in Nature Communications Biology. Check it out!

September 2021: "The Great Deceiver: miR-2392’s Hidden Role in Driving SARS-CoV-2 Infection," an international collaborative effort to develop treatment against SARS-CoV2 published in Cell Reports.

August 2021: "Therapeutics in less than a week." Our Nature Comm Biology paper got selected for an article in The Conversation US. Congrats Kristen! Check it out!

July 2021: FAST paper recieves press: Eurek Alert | Science Daily | PhyS Org | Bio IT World | Bioengineer org | ScienMag | Mirage News Technology Networks | CU Boulder | Boulder Daily Camera | The Tribune | MSN News | The Conversation | Japan Today | Yahoo | Buffalo News | Foreign Affairs 

June 2021: New publication that showcases years worth of our efforts to translate our novel infrared light activated quantum dots into animal models to prove their safety and efficacy. "Feeling the need for speed (for new apporaches)", the only way to outsmart evolving microbes. Congrats to our lead author Colleen who led this effort! 

Colleen R. McCollum, John R. Bertram, Prashant Nagpal, and Anushree Chatterjee* (2021). Photoactivated indium phosphide quantum dots treat multi-drug resistant bacterial abscesses in vivo. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (In press).

April 2021: Dana's paper on "Light-Activated Quantum Dot Potentiation of Antibiotics to Treat Drug-Resistant Bacterial Biofilms" published in Nanoscale Advances.

May 2021: Tom Aunins becomes Dr. Thomas Aunins and graduates with a Ph.D. Congratulations!!

March 2021: Shane recieves NSF GRFP Honorable mention! Congrats!

March 2021: Nolan's paper "Engineering Transcriptional Interference through RNA Polymerase Processivity Control" published in ACS Synthetic Biology.

Feb 2021: "Feel the need for speed?" FAST Antimicrobials in less than one week. Kristen's paper on "Facile accelerated specific therapeutic (FAST) platform develops antisense therapies to counter multidrug-resistant bacteria" published in Communications Biology

Jan 2021: Colleen's paper on Quantum dot antibiotic animal safety and efficacy study "Photoexcited quantum dots as efficacious and nontoxic antibiotics in an animal model" published in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.

October 2020: Tom and Keesha's paper "Transcriptome-based design of antisense inhibitors potentiates carbapenem efficacy in CRE E. coli" accepted in PNAS

September 2020: Lab recieves funding from NASA-TRISH to create technology to mitigate the effects of space radiation as part of an interdisciplinary team led by CSU

August 2020: Lab featured on American Physical Society News 

May 2020: ARMOR @ CU Boulder is now broadcasting a weekly podcast about AMR and it's on Spotify! Check it out! https://open.spotify.com/episode/7qtB1Pmtt3FpQeAAemVINz?si=_hcjrnJVSsaKKsRX5Iv0yA

May 2020: CU engineering features founders of ARC @amrconsortium and CU ARMOR @cu_armor  on On CUE Podcast series: The Antimicrobial Resistance Mediation Outreach Program (ARMOR)

May 2020: Celebrating ARMOR movemenr on it first year anniversary by being featured on @CUEngineering magazine. Read the article.

 Student group tackles antimicrobial resistance

April 2020: Venture Partners features lab in Lab Venture Challenge video

March 2020: 'Outsmarting pathogens' using the FAST platform - American Physics Society (APS) press

Feb 2020: We are proud to present the first Antimicrobial Regeneration Consortium (ARC) seminar by Dr. John Aunins on Feb 10th, 2020!! The seminar will be livestreamed globally. Watch Dr. Aunins' Seminar Here!


Jan 2020:​ Anushree invited to give a seminar at the University of Houston. Thanks Prof. Orman for the invitation.

Jan 2020:​ Anushree invited to present on the FAST platform at the NASA HRP conference!


Jan 2020:​ Jocelyn demos the FAST platform at the NASA HRP conference!

Nov 2019: Support Max Levy to win the Material research Society video contest by liking the following video. Congrats Max on being selected as a finalist!

Nov 2019: Lab recieves NIH Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (DMID) contract for studying efficacy of QD antibiotics in animal models.

Nov 2019: Super FAST response to disease outbreaks: Lab featured as Leading Edge in CU Engineering Magazine Fall 2019 edition.


Anushree Chatterjee

Oct 2019: Anushree gives a seminar at the Bio Technology Insitute and EBIO at the University of Minnesota. Thanks to Prof. Mike Travisano for the invite.

Oct 2019: Anushree gives a talk at UCSD's Collaborative to Halt Antibiotic-resistant Microbes (CHARM) Colloqium. Congratlations to UCSD for starting this initiative and thanks to Prof. Victor Nizet for the invite!

Oct 2019: Anushree gives a seminar at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. Thanks to Prof. Samira Azarin and Prof. Ben Hackel for the invite.

Sep 2019: Toni and Nolan's paper on Construction of two-input logic gates using Transcriptional Interference published in ACS Synthetic Biology.

Sep 2019: Anushree recieves Provost's Faculty Achievement Award.

Aug 2019: Lab issued a patent on Quantum Dot Antibiotics (US Patent: 10383939) 

Aug 2019: Lab receives a $2.25M Department of Energy grant led by the Nagpal lab to develop a quantum dot toolkit for multimodal bioimaging

Aug 2019: Lab receives funding from Vastbiome Inc. to study gut bacteria.

Aug 2019: Lab issued a patent on Nanoelectronic DNA, RNA, and epigenomic sequencing (US Patent: 10364461) 

Aug 2019: Tom's paper on "Isolating the Escherichia coli transcriptomic response to superoxide generation from cadmium chalcogenide quantum dots," published in ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering.

July 2019: Dr. Sadhana Sharma joins lab as a research assistant professor/senior postodoctoral fellow. Welcome!

July 2019: CU Engineering features Chatterjee lab research


June 2019: Max's paper on  Near-infrared light triggered antimicrobial indium phosphide quantum dots published in  Angewandte Chemie. Congrats Max!

June 2019: Max's paper on uning ternary Zn1-xCdxTe quantum dot composition: Engineering electronic states for light-activated superoxide generation as a therapeutic against multidrug-resistant bacteria is published in  ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering. Congrats Max!

June 2019: Dana and Jocelyn teach Underrepresented High School Students About Antimicrobial Resistance

Read more: https://www.co-arc.org/news-updates/cu-students-teach-underrepresented-high-school-students-about-antimicrobial-resistance

May 2019: Anushree receives Outstanding Junior Faculty Award from ChBE department. Thank you!

May 2019:  REU student Suxuen Yew from Kansas University performing research with his mentor Nolan.


May 2019: Anushree featured in a story on antibiotic resistance in The Scientist. See the story here.

May 2019: Congrats to Anudeep Golla for winning 2nd out of around 60 projects in Computational Biology catgory at ISEF! He won $$ and was chosen to have an asteroid named after him! Thanks to our graduate student Nolan O'Connor for being a great mentor. Thanks for NSF support for this outreach effort.



April 2019:  Lab students organize an ARMOR event at the CU Wellness and Health fair to raise AMR awareness! Proud of you guys.

April 2019: Antimicrobial Resistance Mediation OutReach (ARMOR) Program CU Boulder Chapter official website launched! See link. Check out our outreach events!

March 2019: Lab undergraduate researcher Vismaya Bachu wins Silver Medal Award from the College of Engineering! Congratulations!! :) Vismaya will be heading to Johns Hopkins medical school this fall. 


March 2019: Colleen presents at the CU Women in Science and Engineering Science Communication symposium about Antimicrobial resistance and the need to find new therapeutic solutions. Well done!




March 2019: Anushree gave a seminar at the Illumina Inc., Foster City, CA for the Science and Technology seminar series. Thanks to Poorya and Kovi for hosting!

March 2019: Vismaya won the Educational Enrichment Grant from the Boettcher Foundation! Vismaya is accepted to number of medical schools! Vismaya is chosen as the finalist for Silver Medal Award given by the College of Engineering! Congrats Vismaya!!!

February 2019: New Postdoc Job posting: See here

February 2019: A new chapter for the lab. Lab recieves IACUC protocol approval for carrying out animal work for promising therapeutic technologies!

February 2019: Anushree gave a seminar at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL. Thanks to Prof. Huimin Zhao for hosting!

February 2019: Kristen's response to the following questions of the ARMOR video project:

1. Introduce yourself
2. Briefly define Antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
3. Do you see AMR in your work/patients?
4. How concerned are you about AMR? OR Should we be concerned about AMR?
5. What do you think needs to be done to solve AMR?


February 2019: Colleen, Dana, Jocelyn, Kristen create the first ARMOR CU Boulder student chapter!

ARMOR team 1

January 2019: Anushree's ARMOR video project:

Response to the following questions of the ARMOR video project:

1. Introduce yourself
2. Briefly define Antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
3. Do you see AMR in your work/patients?
4. How concerned are you about AMR? OR Should we be concerned about AMR?
5. What do you think needs to be done to solve AMR?


January 2019: Our labs start a new outreach program called Antimicrobial Resistance Mediation OutReach (ARMOR). 


  • November 2018: Lab recieves $800K grant from NASA-TRISH program along with Dr. Nagpal and Dr. Zea! Press release
  • November 2018: Colleen and Nolan receive GAANN fellowship. Congrats!
  • November 2018: Anushree wins $125K Lab Venture Challenge Grant award (formerly known as the Advanced Industries Accelerator “AIA” grant program)! Press release 
  • November 2018: Colleen McCollum joins lab! Welcome!
  • November 2018: Science Buffs blog about CHAOS Therapy: https://sciencebuffs.org/2018/11/05/co-ordinated-chaos
  • November 2018: Logan's paper Design of a de novo aggregating antimicrobial peptide and a bacterial conjugation based delivery system published in Biochemistry!
  • November 2018: Gary's paper Nucleotide and Structural Label Identification in Single RNA Molecules with Quantum Tunneling Spectroscopy published in Chemical Sciences!
  • November 2018: Anushree gave a featured invited talk at AIChE 2018 conference.
  • October 2018: Anushree gave a seminar at the Department of Biological Engineering at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL. Thanks to Prof. Thomas Gaj for hosting!
  • October 2018: Nolan successfully passes his prelim exams. Congrats!
  • October 2018: Anushree gave a seminar at the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Thanks to Prof. Hal Alper for hosting!
  • September 2018: Peter's CHAOS paper receives additional media press: Phys.OrgScicastsScience DailyTodaychan.comAustralia Remonews.comEurekAlertNews MedicalTech ExploristNaava.orgDaily World NewsNature Antimicrobial ResistanceFirstPostDrug Target ReviewWakajobsNews Archive UKUK Remo NewsR&D MagazineNM News MagazineExponential TechnologyUdaipur Kiran,  Innovation NewsQuartzPatch.comBioNews.
  • September 2018: Peter's CHAOS paper receives media press: "Research led by CU Boulder could block E.coli, other superbugs "-Denver Post and Boulder Daily Camera
  • September 2018: Peter's CHAOS paper receives media press: "Scientists are using chaos to try and beat E. coli" -Quartz
  • September 2018: Anushree gave a seminar at the Department of Chemical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. Thanks to Prof. Howard Salis for hosting!
  • September 2018: Peter's CHAOS paper receives media press:  "How to stop an antibiotic-resistant superbug"University of Colorado press release
  • August 2018: Anushree gave a seminar at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. Thanks to Prof. Albert Keung for hosting!
  • August 2018: Anushree gave an invited talk the Americal Chemical Society Young Investigator award symposium.    http://axial.acs.org/2018/08/10/2018-acs-infectious-diseases-young-investigator-award/ 
  • August 2018: Anushree gives an invited talk at the "The BEST of CU-Boulder Life Sciences" organized by the Tech Transfer Office at CU.
  • August 2018: Lab undergrads Will Cordell and Maddie Sitton have graduated! Will is heading to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin for his Ph. D.! Maddie is heading to the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University! Congratulations and all the very best!!
  • August 2018: Toni defends his Ph. D. and becomes Dr. Bordoy!
  • Toni defense
  • July 2018: Anushree gives an invited talk at the Institute of Systems Biology at Seattle. Thanks to Prof. Nitin Baliga for hosting!
  • July 2018: Peter defends Ph.D. and becomes Dr. Otoupal!
  • PO defense
  • Po defense 1
  • June 2018: Anushree speaks at the SEED conference 2018.
    Anushree at the conference
  • June 2018: Anushree gave an invited talk at PharmSci 2018 conference held at University of North Carolina. Conference details: The recent academic and industrial interest in the microbiome field stems from its role in regulating both health and disease. As such, there is significant potential in therapies that either directly perturb the microbiome, or harness the microbiome to improve the delivery of therapeutics. We believe this is a timely topic: nationally, many large pharma and start-ups are developing a new generation of microbe-based therapeutics, with a number already in clinical trials. We believe research initiatives that integrate cutting edge drug delivery technologies from pharmaceutical sciences with microbiology is necessary to ensure the success of these next-generation microbe therapeutics. To address the current trend and training needs, the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy will host this year's Chapel Hill PharmSci conference focused on the interface between drug delivery and the microbiome.
    Anushree at PhaemSci 2018
  • May 2018: Anushree gave an invited talk at the Fields Institute Workshop on the role of mathematics in combatting antibiotic resistance and developing novel antibacterials, which will be held as part of the Thematic Program on Emerging Challenges in Mathematical Biology at the Fields Institute, Toronto. The workshop program is intended to bring together early career- and experienced researchers interested in approaching the challenge of antimicrobial resistance in novel ways, and by integrating mathematical modelling with experimental approaches.
  • April 2018: Peter wins Excellence in Graduate student research award from ChBE department. Will Cordell wins Marilyn and Howard L. Anseth Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award and Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards ‐Gold medal. Congratulations!
  • April 2018: Kristen and Tom receive NSF GRFP Honorable mentions.Congrats!
  • March 2018: Anushree gave an invited plenary talk at the 17th Annual International Symposium on "Futures of Health" on March 26th and 27th at the Institute of Systems Biology, Washington.
    Anushree at the symposium
  • March 2018: Tom's paper "Intracellular hepatitis C modeling predicts infection dynamics and viral protein mechanisms" published in Journal of Virology. Congrats Tom!
  • March 2018: Anushree gives an invited talk at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.
  • March 2018: Anushree gives a guest lecture at the Department of Biotechnology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • March 2018: Anushree receives 2018 ACS Infectious Diseases Young Investigator Award!
  • March 2018: Anushree becomes Associate Editor of Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.
  • Feb 2018: Sam's paper on Designing Superoxide-Generating Quantum Dots for Selective Light-Activated Nanotherapy published in Frontiers in Chemistry!
  • Feb 2018: CGTN America features our lab's research
  • Feb 2018: Tom's paper studying antibiotic resistance during space flight, Spaceflight modifies Escherichia coli gene expression in response to antibiotic exposure and reveals role of oxidative stress, is published in Frontiers in Microbiology!
  • Jan 2018: Optics Society of America features Quantum dot antibiotic work published in Science Advances!

  • Dec 2014: Our Quantum Molecular Sequencing project recieves prestigious William M. Keck Foundation research award for 1 million $!

    Andrew Boston

    Dec 2014: New graduate student Andrew Boston joins lab!

  • Nov 2014: CONSTRICTOR is available as Opensource software!

  • Nov 2014: Keesha's manuscript "CONSTRICTOR: Constraint modification provides insight into design of biochemical networks." published in PLoS ONE.
    Some molecules

  • Oct 2014: Sam's manuscript "Multiple Energy Exciton shelves in Quantum Dot-DNA Nano-bioelectronics" accepted in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congratulations!

  • Oct 2014: Peter passes his prelim exam! Peter presents in STARS symposium. Keesha and Colleen present in NIH Biotechnology training retreat.

  • Oct 2014: Shakira and Emma recieve UROP fellowship! Congratulations!
  • Sep 2014: Our mathematical modeling paper on "A pharmacokinetic/viral kinetic model to evaluate treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus with danoprevir" accepted in Antiviral Therapy!
  • Aug 2014: Anushree gives an Invited talk at SomaLogic, Inc.
  • Aug 2014: Keesha recieves partial NIH BioTechnology training grant fellowship!
  • June 2014: Our team awarded Phase I grant by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under Living Foundaries 1000 Molecules program!
  • May 2014: Chatterjee lab participates in the REAP Army Educational Outreach program!
  • April 2014:  Anushree Chatterjee and Prashant Nagpal have been named New Inventors of the Year, CU-Boulder. In their joint research, they have developed a platform technology for fast, reliable, high-throughput and cost effective single-molecule sequencing of nucleic acids; this kind of sequencing is an important step in the development of new diagnostic tools for personalized medicine, as well as in rapid identification of DNA sequences that allow bacteria to develop drug resistance. Chatterjee and Nagpal are working with TTO to develop a commercial pathway for this technology.
  • April 2014: Chatterjee Lab high school student Logan Collins is placed 1st in the Microbiology division, and 1st for Best Colorado Science and Engineering Fair project!  He was also named as the Colorado BioGENEius Winner and has been invited to compete at the international competition in San Diego in June! Congratulations Logan!!
  • April 2014: Chatterjee lab graduate students Colleen Courtney and Keesha Erickson won NSF awards and honors. Congratulations!

    Colleen and Keesha 
    Colleen was chosen to receive NSF Fellowship Award, while Keesha is the recipient of an NSF Honorable Mention. Colleen is working on the design of smart antimicrobials to treat drug-resistant bacteria. Keesha is investigating fundamental mechanisms that allow bacteria to evolve to develop resistance to antimicrobials.
  • April 2014: CU iGEM Team proposal for "International Genetically engineeried Machines (iGEM) Competitiion: Computing Lab section" has won a UROP grant!
  • March 2014: Chatterjee Lab High school student Logan Collins wins "Best in Show" title at the Corden Pharma Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Congratulations Logan!
  • Feb 2014: Invited review article "cis-Antisense RNA and Transcriptional interference: coupled layers of gene regulation” publshed in Journal of Gene Therapy.
  • Jan 2014: Chatterjee lab will be presenting at APS March 2014 Meeting. See abstracts JCRaKEEaCMCa.
  • Jan 2014: Lynn Sanford joins lab as a rotation student.

  • Dec 2013:Chatterjee Lab welcomes new graduate students Peter and Toni!
  • Nov 2013: Austin recieves UROP funding! Congratulations Austin! Austin will use these funds to undertake research to understand how does bacteria gain resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics.

  • Nov 2013: Chatterjee lab research presented at AIChE Annual Meeting 2013 (547c) (7c).
  • Nov 2013: Josep presents Q-Seq work in Butcher symposium.

  • Oct 2013: Colleen, Keesha and Josep pass their prelims. Congratulations!

  • Oct 2013: Colleen and Keesha present their research at NIH Training retreat.

  • Oct 2013: Provisional patent filed for Q-Seq work.

  • Sep 2013: “Role of intracellular stochasticity in biofilm growth. Insights from population balance modeling” published in PLoS ONE!

  • Sep 2013: Josep presents Q-Seq work in StARs symposium.

  • Sep 2013: Logan, a junior at Fairview Highschool joins Chatterjee lab to pursue research for Boulder Valley Science Fair. Welcome Logan!

  • Jul 2013: Colleen selected for NIH Training Grant. Congratulations Colleen!

  • Jul 2013: Keesha selected for NIH Training Grant. Congratulations Keesha!

  • May 2013: Welcome undergraduate students Kyle Williams, Kyle Anderson, Shakira Govind and Austin Pothoff!

  • Apr 2013: Antagonistic self-sensing and mate-sensing signaling controls antibiotic-resistance transfer.published in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences!
  • Feb 2013: Usha joins Chatterjee lab as Research associate. Welcome!

  • Jan 2013: Josep awarded Balsells fellowship!

  • Jan 2013: Josep, Colleen and Keesha join Chatterjee lab as the first graduate students. Welcome!