These webpages describe the biomonitors group at CU Boulder. 

Recently, the group is pursuing three main projects:

  1. Nannies for Grannies (N4G) - dementia care in the home for elders through the use of a companion robot
  2. Heart Throbs and the Scubascope - congestive heart failure as well as heart health monitoring using wearable devices with new applications to scuba diving.
  3. Smart Agriculture - teaming with groups in the US as well as overseas we are pursuing smarter ways to grow crops for the developing world.

Other areas we have pursued in the past are smart hospital rooms for limited mobility, cell phone use for medical device interfaces with bluetooth links, and fall monitoring. Current projects and publications from member of the past and present lab group are highlighted on the following pages. Feel free to contact us for collaborative opportunities and to express interest in joining the crew.