Optima XE - 90 Ultracentrifuge

Ultra Centrifuges

  • 1 Beckman Optima XE - 90 Ultracentrifuge
  • 1 Beckman Optima MAX-TL Table Top Ultracentrifuge
  • 2 Beckman L8-70 Ultracentrifuges
  • 2 Beckman TL-100 Table Top Ultracentrifuge


Sorvall RC5C Plus highspeed centrifuge

Highspeed Centrifuges

Please acknowledge NIH grant R24OD033699-01 if using the Avanti JXN 26 Super Speed Centrifuges.

  • 3 Beckman  Avanti JXN 26 Super Speed Centrifuges
  • 3 Sorvall RC-5C Plus Centrifuge
  • 2 Beckman J2-21 Centrifuge
  • 1 Beckman Avanti J-20XP
  • 1 Beckman Allegra 6R 

Emulsiflex C3 Homogenizer

Emulsiflex C3 Homogenizer

From Avestin for cell rupture.

Image of Refractometer


Reichert Analytical Instruments Abbe Mark II Refractometer.

Image of the Avanti Mini Extruder

Mini Extruder

Avanti Polar Lipids Mini Exturder for the preperation of large, unilamellar vesicles.

Sonicator 4000 From Misonix

Sonicator 4000

From Misonix equipped with a 1/2" replaceable tip horn, a 1/8 Microtip" and a sound enclosure.

Liquid Scintillation Counter

Liquid Scintillation Counter

Liquid Scintillation counter model LS-3801 from Beckman.