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Karen Ganss



Monte Vista, Colorado
Graduated from:
Graduated with my bachelor’s degree from Western State Colorado University and master’s degree from Oregon State University
My interests and favorite activities include running, traveling, snowboarding, hiking, camping, listening to podcasts, watching football, and crafting (specifically I like to make greeting cards).
Favorite thing about CU Boulder:
My favorite thing about CU Boulder is the vast amount of resources available to students – taking a little initiative can result in great learning, unique discoveries, and new passions!  On a more aesthetic note, I love the similar style of building design across campus.  It truly makes it one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation.
Favorite place to eat in Boulder:
It might sound strange at first, but my favorite place to eat in Boulder is right on campus, the C4C (Center for Community) because it offers such diverse options, so no matter my mood, there’s a food for it!
As a first-generation student from a rural community, my best advice for students is to find your family, your community, your smaller comfort zone within the large environment of CU.   You have lots of options of where to find this, from a Residential Academic