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Looking for a way to have your skills prominently displayed on the internet? Consider volunteering for STANDARDS.

We're looking for a few good people to help increase the speed and quality of our production period each year. Whether you're a visual artist, a web page designer, a cultural activist, or a writer, STANDARDS might have a place for your work.

At present, we produce only one issue per year, so volunteering isn't a full-time commitment. Beginning in Winter, we prepare pages to be uploaded in Spring.

If you think you have the time and skills to offer, please review the current volunteer positions listed below, and email us with your qualifications.

Become part. Do well, while doing good. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Current Volunteer Positions 2001-2002


Columnists and Correspondents

We're currently seeking regular columnists and correspondents to feature in our pages. If you're a writer who can speak from experience on any of the broad array of topics that comprise contemporary cultural studies, consider penning a regular column for STANDARDS. Correspondents from communities outside the U.S. are, of course, always welcome. Just email us a sample of your writing and a brief proposal for the type of column you'd like to have featured on our site.

Cultural Activists

If you're part of an active, growing community of cultural activism, we invite your help in keeping us informed of what's going on. You can represent your community in many ways: by adding us to your email announcement list(s); by sending us links to pertinent news stories; by keeping us apprised of current books that may merit review; or simply by writing to request reciprocal links between STANDARDS and your web site. If you don't see it on this site, that doesn't mean we're just ignoring it: more cultural activists contributing information to STANDARDS will increase the number of communities we can represent and reach.

Web Page Design

Have time to get involved with the production side of STANDARDS? Love to see your name listed on the Staff page of one of the internet's most respected educational publications? Just email us your qualifications, references, and a few ideas.

Visual Artists

At STANDARDS, we're always interested in quality visual art for our pages: original graphics, photography, paintings, and mixed media. Whether it's five images or twenty, we're looking for good works, relevant to the field of cultural studies. Images are uploaded at 96 dpi, in JPG or GIF format. Artists whose works appear in our pages over a sustained period of time are honored with individual galleries within the journal.




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