Ai!  An interview with the revolutionary poet.


Coerbell, Samantha.  "The Breasts of White Women" (Poetry)


Farman-Farmaian, Abou.  "A Religious Theory of Evolution" (Poetry)


Fullwood, Steven.  "The Mercy F*ck Suite" (Poetry)


Furman, Rich.  "To the Cage" and "To the Center" (Poetry)


Gladden, Karen and Karen Rivera. "The Man's Stereotype" and "Luxury" (Poetry, Feature: Welfare Reform)


Grace, Jen.  "Warrior Marks" (First Person)


Ioffe, Noema.  "Victory Will Be Ours" (Poetry)


Jaramillo, Canéla.  "Pools" (Fiction)


Jensen, Kim.  "Promises of the Storm" and "If I Were to Tell the Story" (Fiction)


Khamis, Zahi.  "The Flute Player" and "Deir Yassein" (Paintings, in Fiction)


Lawlor, David.  "Being with Richard" (Fiction)


Lynch, EA.  "Percussive" and "Plaid" (Poetry)


Marable, Manning.  "Stealing the Election: The Compromises of 1876 and 2000" (First Person)


Martinez, Esteban. "Child of Mine" and "Para Mis Abuelos" (Poetry)


N'Kele, Augie.  The Forgotten Heritage Series. (Visual Arts)


Nuha, Amira.  "The HuTutsi Waltz" and "Women's Places" (Poetry)


Orleans, Ellen.  Excerpt from The Replacement Daughter. (Fiction)


Redmond, Steve.  "Try Some of These, They're Delicious..." (Poetry)


Rivera, Karen. "Welfare Reform" (Poetry, Feature)


Samuel, Julian.  Gallery II. (Visual Arts)


Spiegler, Linda.  "Dams" and "Mame Losch" (Fiction)


Young, John.  Four Stories: "Sob," "Making Do," "Hands," and "Day Two" (Fiction)


Yu, Ouyang.  "Multicultural Poetry as Unwritten in China" (First Person)


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Special Feature:  A Tribute to the Life and Works of Johnnie Tillmon


Best of the Small Press Award
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