In response to admissions by Kofi Annan & Bill Clinton that the UN/US dropped the ball on the Rwandan conflict, but what else is new?


dust dry Tutsi hearts lifted their voices
to the skies
but there were no
Great-God-Father-White Man-Men
to bestow mercy
no aid in camouflage green
military fatigues that said
UN/US (pronounced unUs)
none to stop the Hutu machetes
from returning dead Tutsi babies to
their mothers' open wombs
none to see HuTutsi blood crowd the streets
or smell their rotting flesh
consume the air
& lie upon the skin like sweat

the Great-God-Father-White Man-Men
shuffled papers in air tight offices
high above the stench & the pain
from the comfort of over-stuffed leather chairs
they spoke of the annoyance by cellular phone
Great-Father-God-White Man-Men
who meet in closed door sessions
greet with gloved bloody hands
& step over black bodies
to closets filled with Armani, Brooks Brothers, Dolce & Gabbanna
pondering the appropriate attire to wear
when discussing genocide

the Great-God-Father-White Man-Men
expressed their platitudes to the public
through Ruppert, Walt & Warner
compliments of Sony, DuPont & Westinghouse
before the cameras they quieted their sniffles
on hankies made of fine Japanese silk
concerning themselves with the status of peace in Kosovo

Kofi & Clinton stood, heads bowed
looking into the glassy New York spit shine
of their expensive blunt-toed shoes
(a shine for which they'd tipped the darkie in the basement a fin)
& saw not themselves
these Great-God-Father-White Man-Men
whose sorrow has no life



January 2000



"HuTutsi Waltz" © 2001 by Amira Nuha

and the STANDARDS Editorial Collective

Original Graphic, "After Another" © 2001 by Jim Davis Rosenthal




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