.    .


Ai  is one of the United State's leading poets. She won the 1999 National Book Award in Poetry for her collection, Vice, and currently teaches at the University of Oklahoma in Stillwater.


Samantha Coerbell has been active on the NY poetry scene since 1991, and has performed with numerous musicians and writers. She holds a BFA in English Literature & Creative Writing from Brooklyn College. Samantha uses performance to incite minds and engage emotion. Her interest in the power of a voice through art expresses itself in workshops in which she encourages participants to draw on their experiences to generate their unique expression. A native New Yorker with Trinidadian roots, Samantha has spent the past year writing and performing in London. She works as a personal assistant to an African American actor and his family.


Jim Davis Rosenthal  tries to find time to be an artist and poet, along with a healthy dose of Kaballah and Tarotism. He sings with a queer chorus called Harmony, and a Jewish Chorus, as yet unnamed.


Emmanuela Copal de León  is an artist and activist from the Left Coast of the Americas, who was recently granted asylum from her day job to happily pursue more important matters.


Abou Farman-Farmaian: I am a writer of Iranian origin, currently living in Montreal. My writing has been published in various international journals and newspapers, including Saturday Night; The National Post; Matrix; Choices; Pacific News Service; Transition; Al-Ahram Weekly; The Toronto Globe and Mail; Genders; Yahoo! Internet Life and The Japan Times Weekly. My poetry has appeared in Literal Latte, Green Mountains Review, Nexus, and Poet.


Steven G. Fullwood  is a writer currently living and thriving in Harlem. He regularly contributes to a number of on-line magazines and websites including Africana.com, Mosaec.com, Blacklight Online, BlackStripe and Nubian Webspot. Steven believes in love and in the necessity in not being chosen. Ya


Rich Furman  is an assistant professor in the Department of Social Work at Colorado State University. He teaches research, group work, and social work practice. He has published numerous poems and scholarly articles internationally.


Karen Gladden  was a member of the Read/Write/Now Center, an adult education literacy program in Massachusetts. Along with Karen Rivera and Sherry Russell, Ms. Gladden was one of the three key members of the Changes Project, working to produce writings by women on welfare reform. In the final booklet, titled Out on a Limb, Karen Gladdne wrote this about herself: "I am an African-American woman born and raised in Springfield, MA. I speak English. I am the mother of three boys, and a grandmother of eight -- with two more on the way. I am forty-two years old. I attend an adult literacy program. I' ve been coming to it for between six and seven years. I am here for two reasons: to learn how to read and to get my GED. I am an ex-welfare recipient. My source of income is now Social Security (SS) and Social Security Insurance (SSI). The reason why I was interested in Welfare Reform is to learn more about the changes and their effects on women and their children ­ it has a great effect on children and their parents. I think the only way for the policy makers to know what is going on is to come down and see for themselves. I hope all our findings and our research, I hope it helps them really realize that education is definitely the key. You can NOT get off AFDC without education, job training and day care." In May of 2001, Karen died of a heart attack.


Jen Grace  lives in the MetroBoston area with her partner, son and assorted flora and fauna. Bisexual, polyamorous and pagan she has accumulated a good number of warrior marks over the years. Her current focus of thought is in two main areas: the significance of and need for gender in the age of cyberspace; and the path of the peaceful warrior. Musings on these and other topics can be found on her website.


Noema Ioffe  is a poet originally from Russia, now living in the United States.


Canéla Analucinda Jaramillo is wearied by pretty much everything these days, and is probably not hiding it very well. She edits, writes, raises children, and makes constant plans for improvement.


Paloma Sierra Calipo Jaramillo  loves working with and riding horses; writing poetry; and reading anything that's not boring. She's excited to be entering high school in the Fall.


Kim Jensen  is a writer and editor who lives in Oakland, CA. She now in the process of completing her first novel, entitled The Woman I left Behind. Many selections from this work, as well as other writings have appeared in So to Speak; Poetry Flash; Emergences: A Journal of Media and Composite Culture; and Faultline. Kim is a regular contributor to AlJadid, and Boston Book Review.


Zahi Khamis  is a Palestinian painter and teacher. He currently teaches mathematics in the Oakland Public Schools. His paintings and writings have been featured in several exhibits and publications, including Five Fingers Review, Gathering of the Tribes, and Aljadid, among others.


David Lawlor:  "Being with Richard" was a breakthrough for me in more ways than one. The actual experience changed my thinking about traditional gender roles and what it means to be a valuable member of society. In giving a creative form to the experience, I discovered the value of being a fiction writer.


James B. Lawrence  takes photographs, skis, hikes, learns, plays budding artist's model, develops new passions, and explores the great wilderness in Colorado.


EA Lynch  is a __________ with two brilliant __________ to her credit. In her free time, she enjoys __________ , and is the recipient of the prestigious __________ award for her work with __________ , and is an honors graduate of the __________ program for __________ . She publishes widely in __________ and __________ . She currently lives and works in __________ with her longtime __________ , where they sip the heady nectars of __________ as often as possible.


Dr. Manning Marable  is Professor of History and Political Science and the Director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies, at Columbia University. He is also a National Co-Chair of the Black Radical Congress. His column, "Along the Color Line," is distributed free of charge to over 350 publications throughout the U.S. and internationally.


Esteban Martinez:  I write as often as I can, have recently finished a novel/novella and earn money teaching writing and practicing law. Although these endeavors -- writing, teaching, practicing law -- keep me busy, I nonetheless engage in them because I love them.


Augie N'Kele  was born in Kisangani in what was then called the Belgian Congo (later Zaire). He grew up in Kinshasa. After completing courses at the Institute of Art in Kinshasa and Lumbumbashi (BFA, Emphasis Painting, 1979) he studied interior design at Notre Dame de la Sagesse in Brussels, Belgium (1980-82) before moving to the US in 1982. He did not begin producing art again until the 1990s, when he began the Forgotten Heritage series. Today, N'Kele says about his art, "I live with it. I go to bed with it. I wake up with it. It is like a part of my body. Only God can make me stop." Read more of this artist's biography in his STANDARDS online gallery.


Amira Nuha: I am a poet/musician committed to the experiences of Africans-in-america. I combine African percussions and the spoken word to educate audiences of all ages about African/African-american culture as well as to bring awareness to the plight of Africans on the continent and throughout the Diaspora. Additionally, though I resist the label of feminist, as a mother & grandmother of many children, I am sensitive to the global struggles of women in a world dominated by men. I seek to use my voice & rhythms as healing tools to bring people to a higher level of understanding.


Ellen Orleans  is currently completing her last semester of graduate school through Goddard College in Vermont. The Replacement Daughter is her MFA creative thesis. A writer and teacher, she is the author of five books of lesbian and gay humor, including Who Cares If It's a Choice?, The Butches of Madison County, and the forthcoming The Inflatable Butch, due out from Alyson Press in July 2001. Ellen has taught writing (both creative and non-creative) at Naropa University, the University of Colorado at Boulder and to unsuspecting private citizens throughout the U.S.


Steve Redmond:  I sometimes pick out the wrong clothes in the morning in the dark of winter, and don't notice until I'm at work that I look weird. But then I figure, that's what I'm dressed in by some odd choice, why pretend I shouldn't be. Who can you fool in anything else?


Karen Rivera:  I am a mother of four -- three boys and a girl, ages nine to seventeen -- that receives welfare. I am separated from my husband, but I have a partner. He doesn' t live with me. I am a thirty-eight year old woman that goes to an adult literacy program. I' ve been attending the program for seven years. Someday I'm hoping to get my GED ­ before my kids get theirs -- which I doubt. I' m white, I'm born and raised in Springfield, MA, and English is my only language.


Julian Samuel  was born in Lahore, Pakistan. After living in the UK he moved to Canada, first to Toronto, then to Peterborough, Ontario, where he completed a degree in English literature at Trent University. He has resided in Montréal, where he gained an Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University in 1981. Samuel has taught graduate level courses in Film Studies at Concordia University and at John Abbott College. He has produced and directed short and medium length films and videos: Black Skin; White Masks (1973-79); Dictators (1982), Resisting The Pharaohs (1984; on the Montréal arms-export industry), and Red Star over the Western Press: Archive; Algeria, 1954-62 (1987), which is the first attempt to dramatize the work of Frantz Fanon. This tape was invited to the London Filmmakers co-op and at an international conference in Algeria in 1987. His work has been exhibited in Canada, England and the USA; his articles have been published in Canadian Literature, Fuse, Serai, Ba-zzar, Public, and Borderlines. Julian Samuel has published Lone Ranger in Pakistan (1986), The Raft of the Medusa (with Joceylne Doray) and a novel, Passage to Lahore (1995). He has produced, directed and edited the following four-hour video essay which analyzes the relationship between the Middle East and the West: The Raft of the Medusa: five voices on colonies nations and histories (1993); Into the European Mirror (1994); City of the Dead and the World Exhibitions (1995) and Fatwa 447 (1999). He was artist in residence at The Banff Centre in 1993 and 1998.


Linda Spiegler  writes, makes art, and works as a faculty assistant at the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder. She earned her M.Ed. at the University of Florida in the days before web magazines existed.

  • "Mame Loshn" and "Dams" are stories about language -- in the first case strong words, in the second, strong actions. They are based on my experiences with friends and family (animal, vegetable, mineral, flesh and spirit), and I've rewritten both stories many times over the years. Each revision has taught me something new about determination and compassion, and about enlivening -- in Adrienne Rich's words -- "the dream of a common language."


Josh R. Wiles  is an absurdist.


John Young:  My name is John and I'm an irreparably dumbnamed sob.


Ouyang Yu, now Australian citizen, originally came from China; has a doctorate in Australian literature at La Trobe University, Melbourne; two books of English poetry published, Moon over Melbourne and Other Poems (1995) and Songs of the Last Chinese Poet (1997); two books of Chinese poetry published, The Summer of Melbourne (1998) and Second Drifting (2000). He was writer in residence at Beijing University, China, on an AsiaLink Residence Programme, from September to December, 1999, and currently resides in Australia.




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