Come to Me, Emmanuela Copal de León, 2001



Introduction to This Issue

How "revolution" is conveyed in this issue: notes from the desk of our editor.


The STANDARDS' Interview

A conversation with National Book Award winner, the poet Ai.


Best of the Small Press Award

This year's award goes to New Victoria Press. Honorable mentions for Bess Press titles; news from Calaca; and other book reviews. Also: what we recommend for the classroom.



New faces of international feminism: update on the legal battle to win reparations for the "comfort women" of the Second World War; a consideration of the cultural exploitation of Padaung "long-necked" women in Thailand; an overview of organizations working to end FGM world-wide -- with links to activist groups.


Feature: Revolutions

A look at poverty and welfare reform in the United States, with a special tribute honoring the life and works of activist Johnnie Tillmon.



Short stories by Kim Jensen; David Lawlor; Linda Spiegler; Canéla Jaramillo; and John Young. Plus, a novel excerpt from Ellen Orlean's  The Replacement Daughter.


First Person

Jen Grace looks at the "Warrior Marks" of her body; leading educator and scholar Manning Marable takes on the "theft" of the new U.S. Presidency; Ouyang Yu reflects on revolutionary Chinese poetry ... in Australia.



New works from Trinidadian-U.S. author Samantha Coerbell; the rhythms of drummer and poet Amira Nuha; recent titles by the sumptuous EA Lynch; poems from Iranian author Abou Farman-Farmaian, Russian poet Noema Ioffe; and more...


Visual Arts

We proudly host  The Forgotten Heritage Series, a gallery of sculpture by Kisangani artist Augie N'Kele and recent works by Pakistani-Canadian painter Julian J. Samuel.



Our current selections of the best cultural studies sites on the web.



Original Graphic, "Come to Me" © 2001 by Emmanuela Copal de León



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