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   "Homing" by Emmanuela Copal de León

Original Graphic Image, "Homing," by Emmanuela Copal de León, 2001




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Staying on top of Chicanismo? Here's what you'll need from our friends at Calaca this year:


When Skin Peels, poetry by Elba Rosario Sánchez and Olga Angelina García Echeverría, on audio cd. While it's still true that all publishing houses, large and small, continue to underrepresent the voices of Latinas, at least at Calaca, there's always some amount of risk-taking -- including with Chicana poets. Academicians looking for easy explanations or formulae to describe "the" Chicana experience are bound to get their panties in a bunch over the poetic stylings of Sánchez and Echeverría. And that's fine by us. Just as in our cocinas y cafés, our classrooms and conference halls, these are the voices of Chicanas reverberating for real, unfettered by excuses. Sánchez, a writer, teacher, and activist in Oakland (okay: Oaktown, for you homies) brings the suave blend of modalities we love to see from the Bay Area. Meanwhile, Echeverría holds forth with that particular brand of East Los in-your-face poetics that keep it real. Is this "new feminism"? Maybe. But, for one gleaming moment, put your isms aside, and cozy up with the 31 tracks of spoken word in this collection. You need it.


Los Many Mundos de raúlsalinas: un poetic jazz viaje con friends, spoken word and jazz mezcla, on audio cd. You want fresh, hip, sage, and historical, all in the same beat? Then get with one of the Chicano Movimiento's foremost authors, raúl salinas, as he pours forth spoken Chicanismo, backed by Mikey Figgins and Kevin P. Green, the bass player and drummer, respectively, who have consistently sounded out for San Diego's Taco Shop Poets. And this is no Carlos Santana revisiting old haunts with fresh blood, amigos: salinas is pounding hard, still and again, with new works as fresh and loaded as the morning dew over Imperial Beach. No, it's not "pure jazz," and it ain't that "pure poetry" you got taught in school. But it is pure raza, updated for the 21st century. Welcome.


Raza Spoken Here, Volumes 1 and 2, collections of raza poetry on audio cd. The picante rhythms and sounds we've only begin to appreciate and expect from the most cutting-edge Chicano poets, heartfully gathered for your listening pleasure by the folks at Calaca. Get this cd for the classroom, the car, even the bedroom. It's time.


as our barrio turns ... who the yoke b on?, the first novel by controversial Chicano poet, alurista. Socio-political salvos you might not expect, along with the ones you've been preening for your whole life. If this isn't a definitive novel, it's certainly one you'll be ready to discuss. So read it.


Campesino Fingerprints, poetry by Rod-Ricardo Livingston. Quiet, well-shaped meditations we hope will guide your tired bones into a new and tender regard for the poetry of la raza. Andale.


News and Views from Calaca


One of the things we like best about being on Calaca's active email list is receiving all those up-to-date newsclips. Poetry readings. Live performances. Protests. Legal actions. New sites for Chicanismo.

Among these, a new favorite emerges: Between the Lines: The New World Disorder Online. Herein, it is written that, "A recent study from the Canadian Undocumented Labor Office (CULO) shows that greater numbers of undocumented immigrants are bypassing the US on their journey north, preferring to seek a better life in Canada. Analysts say this could have major consequences for the US economy, agriculture, Republican scapegoating and sales of leaf blowers." This from Victor Payan, "Pocho Northern Mexposure Correspondent" and owner of the site, in an article cheekily titled, "MEXICANADA: Immigrants by-passing U.S. for friendly neighbor to the north." Read on... And be sure to check out Payan's "American dud on American soil!
Evidence suggests Bush trip to Mexico was faked"
-- an article postulating that the prez didn't seem to visit el otro lado ("Late last night, intrepid net-xicans began posting messages citing irregularities in the official press photos from the alleged trip. Then the floodgates opened. In one photo, a Landry's Seafood House is clearly visible in the background. In another, Bush is holding what appears to be a Whataburger next to a statue of defunct singing sensation Selena. And most disturbing of all is the presence of a bumper sticker on Vicente Fox's limousine which reads "No Meces Con Tejas.").

Meanwhile on the web, Calaca Press celebrates the birth on its new internet home, Calacalandia! Here, find constantly updated scheduling information for Calaca Press-sponsored events, and other fine activities, including book signings; poetry readings; live performances; and news on the struggle to keep San Diego's Centro Cultural de La Raza alive and kickin'.

Things are always changing in our mundo Latino. And, as Calaca owner Brent would say, "We're down for the task (at least so far)."


From Calaca Press: An Open Call for Submissions


Calaca Press...continuing the oral tradition

Calaca Press is happy to announce that we will be continuing the bilingual spoken word CD compilation series, Raza Spoken Here. The first two volumes in the series featured the Taco Shop Poets, Olga Angelina Garcia Echeverría, Elba Rosario Sanchez, Manuel J. Vélez, Sandra C. Muñoz, Chuy Quintero, Daniel Sanchez-Glazer, Christian Ramírez, Trago Amargo (in RSH1) and raúlrsalinas, Leticia Hernández-Linares, alurista,
tatiana de la tierra, Los Delicados, Grito Serpentino, alejandra ibarra, Antonieta Villamil, Rod Ricardo-Livingstone, Tammy Gomez, and robertkarimi (in RSH2).

Twenty different poets/groups on two volumes.

We're looking for ten more for the third.

Are you ready to continue the tradition?


Raza Spoken Here 3 (RSH3)
Submission Guidelines


Submissions to RSH3 can be submitted in English, español, caló, code-switching, pocho, Spanglish, as well as in any language that is used to reflect the Chicano/Latino/Indigenous experience throughout the Americas.

There are three things that Calaca Press will be looking for in the submissions:

1) Quality of writing - Never underestimate the importance of a well-written piece.
2) Subject matter - Does work reflect Chicano/Latino/Indigenous experience?
3) Delivery - Perform the pieces, donít just read them. Music is encouraged.

Another factor is location. Calaca Press is a small family operation, run by a husband and wife team. Neither makes a salary off Calaca. Therefore we can't afford to fly people into town and put them up at the Hilton. All we can do is extend our famous (ask any Calaquera/o) Calaca hospitality, which includes our infamous couch, food, and some gas money. If you can afford your own way to San Diego then that may factor into the decision (as long as points 1, 2, & 3 are followed).

Send between three and five poetry pieces on CD or tape only (we are not looking for sound quality on the recording). No epic poems. Between one to five minutes or so each is good. Include a typed hard copy of each piece recorded with submission.

Between one and three pieces per poet will be used on RSH3 (taking up no more than 7 minutes total). 1000 copies of Raza Spoken Here 3 will be made. Each poet will receive 20 copies of the CD (if more CD's are wanted Calaca will provide a special discount to the poets involved in RSH3). Poet retains all rights to their work after production (if time allows during recording session poets may record extra pieces to be used for whatever purposes author deems necessary).

Deadline for submissions is 10/31/01. Recording will commence sometime between January 2002 through the Summer of 2002 with a projected release date around Winter 2002-2003.

Include a self addressed stamped envelope (with the correct return postage) with every submission. Calaca Press will not return, nor respond, to submissions without a SASE (with the correct return postage).


Mail submissions to:

Calaca Press
c/o RSH3
P.O. Box 620786
San Diego, CA 92162


Please keep in mind that we are small so things take a while. We will not respond to submissions until after the submission deadline of 10/31/01.



Reviews © 2001 by Canéla Analucinda Jaramillo

Original Graphic Image, "Homing" © 2001 by Emmanuela Copal de León



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