he sees me
this child of mine

the hints of a square chin
and a shock full of black indian hair

what can I say
when I say be you and fuck the world
and what it wants you to be
when I want to say
fuck whatever you are
and be what it wants you to be

cut off all that indian hair
and quit talking like me
all that crazy shit about fuck the white man
and the socially constructed power of whites

your talents don't matter
unless you can agree

what can I say even though I want to say

i didn't want no kids
the only reason you're here is cuz of a mistake

I never wanted no kids
cuz I never wanted to see them break
never want to see you break

not just cuz of the ordinary things
like a slip and fall
but because
i know
ninety nine percent damn sure
if you don't break
you'll feel the pain of it all



"Define," Emmanuela Copal de León, 2001




"Child of Mine" © 2001 by Esteban A. Martinez

and the STANDARDS Editorial Collective

Original Graphic, "Define," © 2001 by Emmanuela Copal de León




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