Barracoons I
Augie N'Kele, 1993
Wire and Aluminum
28" x 18" x 18"



If Augie Kuyowa N'Kele had not chosen to immigrate to the United States he might never have created the Forgotten Heritage series, his largest body of work, and the work for which he is best known.

If he had not experienced the loneliness of being a stranger in a strange land...the challenge of adapting to unfamiliar customs, sounds, and foods...if he had never known the pain of coping with the loss of loved ones left behind...he might not have felt the pain of his countrymen's past enslavement so intensely that he was moved to try to portray it in sculpture.


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Barracoons I © 2001 by Augie N'Kele

Text © 2001 by Dorothy Hamm

All works © 2001 by the Standards Editorial Collective




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