'C Vase' by Jim Davis-Rosenthal
C Vase, by Jim Davis-Rosenthal, 1999.




STANDARDS invites submissions for our upcoming issue, titled "Revolutions."

Volume 7, No. 2 of STANDARDS will be shaped around examining the changes and questionable stalemates in contemporary cultural studies. The underlying question for this venture might be understood as: "What is revolution(ary)?"

Most of us who have labored in cultural studies — as artists, poets, writers, educators, and/or activists — know that the terrain of what is considered "culture" is changing, on a global level. The questions remain: "How much?" and "Is it enough?"

What was once truly "cutting edge" in art and politics may seem less than mainstream, for many of us. How do we now stand in the place where we are best able to use our abilities to bring about positive cultural change?

As always, we at STANDARDS remain focused on the interplay and interstices between ethnicity, race, and color; between economic "class" and access; between regionalism and mobility; between social gender roles, sexuality, and sexual practices; and between education and learning.

We are also interested in reviewing submissions exploring the following themes: intercultural/pancultural politics; forms of "achievement"; models of leadership in various communities throughout the world; conflicts and resolutions between "justice" and legalities; social norms and expectations versus personal realities; and the many ways in which the arts, both visual and literary, impact our worlds.

We shall continue to review submissions of poetry, fiction, drama, mixed media, visual arts, scholarship, and educational materials.

All prospective contributors to STANDARDS are encouraged to read both our submissions policy, below, and our mission statement.

STANDARDS is an online electronic journal. We do not publish a print version. However, all current and past issues are available online at our index homepage.




Submissions must:

  • be previously unpublished, if unsolicited

  • be fewer than 30 pages for prose submissions (one prose/fiction submission per author only, please)

  • list the title of the piece and author's name with each submission

  • provide the author's name, email address, postal address, phone number, and category of submission

  • be available for potential publication in V7N2 of STANDARDS. Simultaneous entries to various publications are acceptable, but if anything other than one-time, nonexclusive rights to the work have been granted to another publication, the author must notify our offices immediately in writing to withdraw the submission to STANDARDS

  • be sent as an email enquiry or ASCII attachment, with the subject line "SUBMISSION," to the email link listed below.



    STANDARDS accepts submissions year-round.

    Publication Schedule

    We are, at present, an annual publication. Our new issues are online each year in Spring.



    STANDARDS welcomes the submission of unsolicited manuscripts and images from authors and artists around the world. Original, unpublished fiction, prose, poetry, drama/performance art, photography/visual art, essays, educational syllabi or lesson plans, and all points in between, may be submitted by email, throughout the year. We will occasionally consider reprints; please include the original publication information.

    By email attachment, use either Appleworks, Clarisworks 5.0, or Word 6.1 or higher for Mac files; or email your work as an ASCII/text only file. Texts authored in languages other than English and Spanish are accepted, with accompanying translation to English. (In opposition to the negative effects of current "English Only" laws on the burgeoning Latino/Spanish speaking populations of the United States, we continue to publish "Spanish only" texts in our journal.)

    Visual art should be sent via email attachment as either GIFs or JPEGs.

    No original materials can be returned; be sure to save your work in your email outbox. Please include a return email address.

    As a not-for-profit journal, STANDARDS does not offer payment of any type for accepted submissions. However, as a leader in our field, you can be assured that publishing in our web pages does bring its own merits.

    Copyright Information for Contributors


    While there are several types of rights for which contributors and publications may negotiate (including first serial rights, North American serial rights, electronic rights, and "all rights"), it is the policy of Standards to request and retain only one-time nonexclusive publication rights to the works created by the authors and artists whose works are accepted to appear in our journal.

    Copyright for all works appearing in Standards remain with the author or artist. Our non-exclusive copyright to the Standards Editorial Collective is for the purpose of reprinting solely within our journal. At no time do we grant reprint permission(s) to any third party for the works appearing in Standards.

    Copyright Information about Our Works Online


    All works appearing in Standards, including but not limited to accepted submissions, reprints, original graphic artwork and web page design created by our staff, are protected under federal copyright law.

    All materials in STANDARDS are protected by Federal copyright and are protected under treaty provisions and worldwide copyright laws. No public domain material is contained within STANDARDS. Materials contained in any part of STANDARDS may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without the written permission of The Standards Editorial Collective. STANDARDS does not grant any express or implied right to you of any trademarks, service marks, copyrights or other proprietary information.

    About Links


    Links to This Site.

    You may not establish a hypertext "link" to individual pages in this site and/or distribute, modify or re-use the text or graphics of this site, except by obtaining prior written permission from the Standards Editorial Collective expressly granting such permission(s).

    Links to Third Party Sites.

    This site contains links to sites which are controlled by third parties. Those linked sites are not under the control of STANDARDS, and STANDARDS is not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link contained in a link site. STANDARDS is providing those links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by STANDARDS of the content, products, or services of any linked site, unless expressly so stated.



    STANDARDS annually invites publishers of small, independent presses to participate in our Best of the Small Presses Award competition.

    Publishers may submit their catalogs for our editors' choice of review; alternately, ten (10) individual titles chosen by the publishing house may be submitted. Our staff reads each selection, and often takes the book(s) into a university classroom setting, to gather further opinions and to advise our readers as to whether the book might work well as required college reading.

    Every independent publisher submitting works will have at least one (1) book reviewed. The publisher who wins our BEST OF THE SMALL PRESSES AWARD receives online review of every book submitted, as well as recommendations to our readers as to the potential for classroom use. Guidelines for copyrights are always followed in reviews, and longer portions or whole stories, essays, plays or poems are only reprinted with the permission of the author and/or publisher. Texts will appear in their original languages, and should be accompanied by an English translation.

    As we are a not-for-profit publication, sponsored by the University of Colorado at Boulder, we do not offer cash prizes or payments of any kind to our contributors, or to participants in our Best of the Small Press Award. Rather, we offer exposure for the works we review to the hundreds of thousands of readers who access our internet publication from around the world.

    If you work with a small press, please consider this your invitation to participate in this process.




    STANDARDS also accepts email enquiries regarding individual book reviews and catalogs from independent small presses. We do not review such materials in manuscript form.




    Original Graphic Image, "C Vase" © 1999 by Jim Davis-Rosenthal

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