'Tsim Tsum' by Jim Davis-Rosenthal
Tsim Tsum, by Jim Davis-Rosenthal, 1999.


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Digital Downlow becomes the new source for fans of the highly successful and popular ezine Cafe Los Negroes. After a four-year stint as one of the most compelling cultural sites on the 'net, CLN closed its site, due to low membership drive results. Visit Digital Downlow's Negrofile: The E-Zine for Afrosomething Futurists for more information, and to keep up on what's happening...

Oyster Boy Review has moved to this new site. The ezine goes quarterly soon.




Chicano! A site from PBSOnline, detailing critical issues and achievements of the early Chicano movement. Online sales of the PBS Chicano! video series. The New Chicano Magazine Online. Cultural and political perspectives on matters affecting all Chicanos, from the U.S. and Mexico, and including issues of combined race relations. The op-ed section, Chingasos!, provides a unique place to vent your feelings about all things Chicano. A good place to start, if you're looking for a path to Aztlán on the web.

China: Dim Sum: A Connection to Chinese American Culture. An educational website for cross-curricular, integrated studies at the elementary school level, to bring further understanding about Chinese traditions.

Chinese Cyber City: "for Chinese expatriates and anyone with an interest in Chinese culture and affairs."

Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media and Culture. Continuum is a thematically-based cultural studies journal. The primary focus of the journal is upon screen media; but our understanding of media also includes publishing, broadcasting and public exhibitionary media such as museums and sites. Each issue is devoted to the exploration of a particular cultural site. Sites have included indigenous media, television, Asian cinema, Australian film in the 1950s, film style, publishing, photography, radio and media education.

Cultronix. Cultronix is an interdisciplinary journal of art and cultural studies, addressing critical issues in contemporary institutions and practices. It publishes contributions spanning a wide range of media, and encourages contributors to use new media in order to expand critical and theoretical work to Internet reading audiences. Stylish, well-designed.

Foro Virutal de Cultura Mexicana/Virtual Forum of Mexican Culture: "Electronic Publication dedicated to the diffusion of Art, Culture and Mexican History." Multiple award-winning site; press the revolving "nuevo" ball to enter the directory, where you'll find pieces of the month, which includes the image, source, and artist information; contemporary art; masters of Mexican art; masters of contemporary art; photography; and much, much more. A necessary site for students, educators, and those interested in Mexicano/Latino visual arts and culture. In Spanish and English.

The Island Institute. Offering arts and other cultural information about Sitka, in the Baranof Island in southeastern Alaska, home to the Tlinglit tribe. The Island Institute provides information about small press literary publications about the island.

The Japanese American Network (JA*Net) is a partnership of Japanese American organizations, based in Los Angeles. The site includes information about art, culture, community, history, news, events, social services, and public policy issues, and includes a bibliography of 100 titles comprising a "basic library on Japanese Americans."

Los Murales Mexicanos. One of visually richest sites on the 'net (and we're not biased just because our senior editor is Chicana, either). If you're studying Chicano/Mexicano culture, you'll need to know about the history of murals, and this is the place to start.

Tribung Pinoy: "A web journal about the Phillipines, the Filipino people, and the Filipino diaspora, as expressed from a decidedly but not exclusively Filipino perspective." Includes many links to sites across the internet.

Zopilote: multi-media ezine of Chicano culture and history.




The Alsop Review. A beautifully-designed ezine, rich with contemporary literary texts, plus sound poetry and interactive venues for literary discussions online.

The Blue Moon Review. A warm place to start, when you're already feeling cool: fiction, poetry, "creative non-fiction," small press book reviews, and reprints from such top-notch resources as The Paris Review.

Conjunctions: the web forum of innovative writing. Published by Bard College, this is a well-designed and well-informed ezine of arts and literature.

The Mississippi Review. Really great stuff here. Really. Go visit. One of our favorite online sites (and staff member Emmanuela de León's Top Pick), this "thoughtful community of hedonists" poses tough questions about sex and sexuality in our collective cultures. Often as not, they also give answers. To the issue of whether such a site can be "educational," we suggest you check out their "Before and After" feature (11/99), focusing on understanding intimacy after illness, surgery, or "disability." also offers a broad range of some of the best poetry, photography, and fiction online.

NWHQ: "New World Headquarters," edited and designed by digital diva Elizabeth Fischer. Reviewed in this issue as part of our Best of the 'Net Tribute.

Verbal Abuse. "A literary quarterly for the culturally jaded. Begun in 1993 at New York's Jackie 60 nightclub and its monthly reading series, the magazine presents arts & letters of a distinctly different stripe, embracing sexual themes and other material often unpublishable elsewhere."

Zoetrope: All-Story Fresh and tasty contemporary fiction.




African Post-Colonial Literature in English: An Overview. A rich resource, providing listings of authors, titles, countries of origin, narrative traditions, and insights into colonial influences.

Francophone African Women Writers. A listing of women authors, titles, critical works, and unpublished texts (in French). Site in French and English.

Storytellers: Native American Authors Online. A rich and varied resource for news about indigenous authors across North America. Includes an alphabetical listing of authors; Tribal listing of authors; Awards Given by the Native Writers Circle of the Americas; Reviews of Books by Native Authors; information about Early 20th Century Native Authors and Traditional Storytelling; plus links to further resources. Awarded for Academic Excellence from Study Web.




Calaca Press, a true Atzlán online for Chicanos everywhere. Works from this fledgling press, including some tasty audio poetry CDs, are reviewed in this issue of STANDARDS.

Granta. From New York Books, a fashionably well-seasoned press, offering the literary journal, Granta, along with a selection of titles from the press. This online version includes extracts from writings previously published in the journal. An excellent read.

Many Mountains Moving,

Ploughshares Published by Emerson University, this online version of the respected print journal offers samples of writings in archive.

Story, one of the most widely-read literary magazines in the United States, comes to the internet as part of the web site. Features information about the publication on paper, as well as contest information (including the venerable Carson McCullers Prize for short stories), and writer's guidelines.




Poets & Writers Online Homepage. Ezine, publishing advice, message forum, directories of writers, resources for grants and awards . . . the perfect starting place or middle ground for beginning and established authors.

THE ASSOCIATION OF LITERARY SCHOLARS AND CRITICS: "The purpose of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics is to foster appreciation of the literary imagination, of the value of literary studies, and of a common literary culture." Free newsletter; links to resources; members' area.

Dansk Litteraturinformationscente/The Danish Literature Information Center. Works to increase international familiarity with Danish literature, including theatre and children's literature. Site in Danish and English. Online version of the venerable trade periodical. Useful tips and resources for writers of all genres.




The London Review of Books. According to Alan Bennett, this journal is "the liveliest, the most serious and also the most radical literary magazine we have." Notwithstanding the obvious complexity of defining who "we" are, from Bennett's perspective, LRB can sure-handedly be considered both serious and radical. If literature and literary theory are your fields, this is one hot link you'll need to follow.


Original Graphic Image, "Tsim Tsum" © 1999 by Jim Davis-Rosenthal

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