'Rock4' by Jim Davis-Rosenthal

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Diana Abu-Jaber, "Hindee," an excerpt from Memories of Birth (Fiction)

Kim Addonizio, "Good Girl" and "The Story" (Poetry)

Carolyn Alessio, "Artichoke Heart" (Fiction)

Sherman Alexie, "Owl Dancing with Fred Astaire"; "How to Remodel the Interior of a Catholic Church"; and "What We Notice, What We Miss" (Poetry)

Patricia Ammann, "The Gift" and "The Jacket" (Fiction)

Homero Aridjis, "This Black Stone" (Poetry)

Rane Arroyo, "Little Joe" (Poetry)

Deborah Batterman, "Shoes" (Fiction)

Robert James Berry, "Legend" and "Rites" (Poetry)

Laura-Anne Bosselaar, "The Pallor of Survival" (Poetry)

Christopher Bursk, "Foster Child" (Poetry)

Frances Brown, "Crone" (Poetry)

Samantha Coerbell, "little boy lost" and "swirl" (Fiction); "In the Company of Strangers" (First Person); "Cruisin' J. Crew", "The Sounds Are Louder on the Other Side", and "The Romanticization" (Poetry)

Alice Rose Crow, "Eleven Poems" (Poetry)

Maimuna Dali, "Expecting Nothing in Return" (Fiction)

Jim Davis-Rosenthal, "Pursebread" (Fiction); "Signs" (First Person)

Patricia Villalobos Echeverría, "Grietas/Fissures: Ten Poems" (Poetry) with "Grietas/Fissures: Paintings", and "Reciprocidad/Reciprocity: Installation" (Visual Arts)

Jim Elledge, "I Recite the Dialogue of My Life to the Man I Love" (Poetry)

Steven G. Fullwood, "Pure Polyamorous Pleasure" (First Person)

Ray Gonzalez, "Object" (Poetry)

Jonathan Holden, "American Anaesthetics" (First Person)

Bruce A. Jacobs, "The Beer Joint" and "Masons" (Poetry)

Claine Helen Keily, excerpt from "The Mechanical Ocean" (Fiction)

Yusef Komunyakaa, "Unframing the Tryptich" (Poetry)

Patrick Lawler, "Isis, The Mother of Unraveling and Flowers, Gives Her Milk to Rachel Rosenthal" (Poetry)

Carol Mahler, "Dawn" (Poetry)

Esteban Martinez, "Death of a Hero" (First Person)

Walter McDonald, "After Saigon" (Poetry)

Christal McDougall, "How I Got Here" and "Lot's Wife to Her Therapist" (Poetry)

Rusty Morrison, "Teaching About the Hungry Woman" (Poetry)

Ayyappa Paniker, "Passage to America" (Poetry)

Mary Park, "The Iron Lung Girl" (Fiction)

Michael Ramos, "When the Soldier Sleeps in the Field" (Fiction)

Elizabeth Rosner, "My Father's Souvenirs" and "gravity" (Poetry)

Julian J. Samuel, "A Gallery of Works" (Visual Arts)

K. Satchidanandan, "How Spring Arrived This Year" and "My Body, a City" (Poetry)

Richard Siken, "Wishbone" (Poetry)

Barry Silesky, "Celebration" (Poetry)

David Sims, "Babe" (Fiction)

Alison Stone, "Sea Song" (Poetry)

Natalie Sudman, "Beadwork" (Poetry)

Karen Swenson, "Word Power" and "Belief" (Poetry)

Grace Tsao, "Growing Up Asian American with a Disability" (First Person)

Jack A. Urquhart, "Getting It: A Refelection on Coming Out in Middle Age" (First Person)

WD Wetherell, "How Bad Things Are" (Fiction)

Martha G. Wiseman, "Aftermath" (Poetry)

Sarah Wolbach, "Bathing Susan" (Poetry)




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