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The staff and volunteer workers at STANDARDS are comprised of educators, students, scholars, artists, writers, and sociocultural activists. While we began as a print journal at the University of Colorado ten years ago, and later published as a collaborative effort between CU Boulder and Stanford University, since going online as an international ezine in 1995, we have worked to engage not only those readers from institutions of higher education, but from secondary, middle, and elementary schools, as well. In addition, we have opened our pages to the necessary voices of contributors from beyond the walls of academe. So, while education is and shall always remain a central focus of our mission and our work at STANDARDS, it is important to keep in mind that the challenges of keeping up with representations and discussions of international cultural studies is our primary concern.

Over the years, we've noted that our efforts to become a true resource on issues related to cultural studies have drawn educators and students from every grade level, from primary school to graduate programs, to our pages. At this juncture in our publication history, however, we think it prudent to advise all parents and educators that our work is primarily aimed at an adult readership. Although there are many relevant contributions and links within our site for classroom study, there are also works intended for a more mature audience. While there is nothing in these pages that is meant to be offensive, much of the work is provocative, both in terms of language and images. This is an integral part of international cultural studies.

As with any other internet site, print publication, or television program, we strongly encourage parents and educators to take an active part in viewing works either with young people, or before your children are permitted to access information with which you are unfamiliar. Those works we make available to parents and educators for younger readers are notated by reference to "juvenile" and "children's" works, such as in the exhaustive reviews of children's and juvenile books in our last issue. Please consult our main page for the archive of all back issues, and browse through the "Pride" edition.




Email correspondence to our offices is often on the subject of how to locate information on the internet regarding various cultural studies issues. To this, we can only say that, if it's not in our pages already, we don't have the all the answers. Your letters help us know what our readers might like to see in future editions of the journal so, in that respect, we appreciate your queries. In the meantime, though, we recommend search engines with categories, like Yahoo!, to help you complete your projects.

We thank you for your attention to these matters.




Original Graphic, "Doll2," © 1999 by Clarise

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