Patricia Villalobos Echeverría:


The work in Grietas/Fissures stems from a desire to bring to the foreground the transfiguration that takes place in the body as a result of transculturation. Necessary to this exploration has been my individual experience and the void/pregnant space that my body has come to represent. This experience has led to an array of work that inhabits or mimics mythical, often regligious, icons and explores my own fluctuating geography via visual and sound media. Imbedded in this transculturation is a sense of distance from land, family, culture, gender and myself: forever teetering between coming and going, between past and present, between hetero and homosexual, voyeur and active participant. It is the voice of movement, contamination, interruption, and loss that I hoped to capture in Grietas/Fissures.


Me Hacen Simbiozo Cuerpo Total Cuantos Veces
Simbiozo Disyuncion
Connected Los Rulos Simbiozo Simbiozo


The Grietas/Fissures Paintings and Poems

Text and Original Images, "Grietas/Fissures (thumbnails)" © 1999
by Patricia Villalobos Echeverría