'Sleep,' Self-Portrait, 1998, by Emmanuela Copal de Leon


Fine Art Nudes and Figure Studies in Black and White by Ronald Lee Hildebrand. A deep black page with an impressive studio logo represents the opening to Hildebrand's online gallery. Although the links guiding the viewer through this site employs multiple frames, and although the images take just about forever and a day to download (if you're accessing the Internet via a modem pool), this work is not to be missed. Primarily focusing on the gorgeous curves and chiaroscuro of the female form in studio settings, Hildebrand makes an impact that is both classical in form and contemporary in context. Even if you don't find the female body purely erotic, these images will make anyone admire the sheer artistry and physicality of these world-class models. Thumbnails open to larger images, and purchase information is included on the site.

Black and White Artzone -- Photographic Links to Black and White Photography. A compendium that includes links to individual photographer's sites; galleries; resources for the photographer; photo magazines; and museums. Offers links to some of the sites listed below, as well as many more.

Forrest Frazier Photography: The Fetish Portfolio Private portfolio of an individual artist, with photos for sale and quality images online.

Erotiqus Private Patrons of the Arts. Like many other web centers for business and/or the arts, this site has a section for members and nonmembers. The good news is that becoming a patron of the arts for this gallery involves only a one-time entrance fee of $5 (US funds). And even the nonmember viewing gallery is filled with samplings of some of the most wonderfully erotic photos.

Artdata. Sepia tones, black and whites, stills... this site brings together the shape and thrust of all things photogenic. It's also one of the best designed sites I've visited.

Horst Werner Gallery. Werner's photos themselves are amazingly evocative, and his choice of models is sublime. If you're not a fan of the busy screen and long-term waiting involved with multiple-frame sites, you'll not likely appreciate the design of this gallery, but the images are worth the strain.

Makos Men: Sewn Photos. "Hot, Erotic Photographs of Nude Men by Contemporary Photographer Christopher Makos." That statement, and the reviews of many art critics, appear on Makos' entry page. And it's allllll true, baby. Whew!!!

Dandalf's Fine Art Photography Gallery. Resource page with links to dozens of photography sites outside Dandalf's domain. Good browser's choice.

Cegur's Chimera Gallery of the Arts. This link takes you directly to the figurative art. There are other image galleries by the same artist, who has a particular interest in fantasy/mythology. I don't find the figures by Cegur erotic, but there is an almost sensationalistic quality to his work that is a bit thrilling, nonetheless.

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Original Graphic, "Sleep," © 1998 by
Emmanuela Copal de Léon