Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco © 1992 by Patricia Palacco

The three children in this story are different in many ways -- two are boys, while one is a girl; the boys are African-American Christians, and the girl is Jewish; the boys live with their grandmother, but the girl has lost her babushka long before. What's most important, in this story, is how the three children hold onto a friendship that lasts a lifetime. A touching narrative of challenge and commitment, Chicken Sunday is a wonderful read for older children.

Crowboy by Taro Yashima

The child in this Japanese story is constantly teased by the other children at school, and called "Crowboy" for his attention to birds. Find out how respect is earned and friendships begin!

Jessica by Kevin Henkes © 1989 by Kevin Henkes

How do you make friends? Jessica has an imaginary friend who goes everywhere with her. But when Jessica is going to start school, her parents want her to leave her imaginary friend at home! How will this little girl find a way to make new friends? Read this book to find out!

Duncan and Dolores by Barbara Samuels © 1986 by Barbara Samuels

Dolores has a terrible time making friends with her new cat, Duncan. Her older sister, Faith, seems to have no trouble at all! Dolores tries everything to get Duncan to play with her. Finally, he does! A favorite story for kids 3 and up, and a Reading Rainbow Book.

Maebelle's Suitcase by Tricia Tusa © 1987 by Tricia Tusa

Maebelle is a one-hundred-eight year old woman, who lives in a tree and makes special hats. On the day of the big hat-making competition, Maebelle needs help! Her special friend, Binkle the bird, lends her all the right ingredients for the best hat in town. Or is it Binkle who needs help? Also a Reading Rainbow selection; great for kids 5 and up.







Friends In Times of Trouble


Friends from the Other Side/Amigos Del Otro Lado
by Gloria Anzaldúa
Children's Book Press, 1993

Celebrated Chicana essayist and poet Glorian Anzaldúa here brings her mighty pen to further understanding about "los cruzados" -- the men, women and children who cross over the border from Mexico into the United States. This is the story of one such young, undocumented Mexican worker who struggles against hardship and misunderstanding to endure.

Pink and Say
by Patricia Polacco
Putnam, 1994

What happened during the U.S. Civil War? One of the things not many readers might expect would be a friendship between a Black and a White soldier. Patricia Polacco, as always, finds ways to make these proud connections between friends, even in times of trouble.

Sukey and the Mermaid
by Robert D. San Souci
Four Winds Press, 1992

Sukey isn't happy with her mama's new marriage, but she finds a way to make peace and find friendship, with the help of Mama Jo, who is ... a mermaid! A folktale from South Carolina, U.S.A.

Anansi Finds a Fool
by Verna Aardema.
Dial, 1992

Can you find a friend, if all you want to do is trick them into doing your chores? In this Ashanti tale, lazy Anansi is fooled into his chores himself! Who is the real fool Anansi finds?

The Crab Prince
Retold and Illustrated by Christopher Manson
Henry Holt and Company, 1991

What if the person you loved was changed into a crab by a mean ghula? Find out, when you read this story. Inspired by an Italian folktale and the art of eighteenth-century Venice.

Standing Alone in Pride

Silent Lotus
by Jeanne M. Lee
Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1991

Lotus, a little girl in Kampuchea who does not hear or speak, discovers that her body still has great gifts of expression. Lotus becomes a famous dancer in the Khmer kingdom, performing in the king's court and even in the temples of the gods.


The Empty Pot
by Demi
Holt, 1990

Sometimes it's hard to tell the truth, but when Ping admits that he is the only child in China unable to grow a flower from seeds given out by the Emperor, he is rewarded by the Emperor for his honesty!

The Fourth Question: A Chinese Tale
retold by Rosalind C. Wang
Holiday House, 1991

Yee-Lee makes a long trip to find friendship and advice with the Wise Man of Kun-lun Mountain. Mostly, Yee-Lee wants to know why he is so poor. Coming back down the mountain, Yee-Lee finds a new truth about riches and rewards.


Boots and His Brothers: A Norwegian Tale
retold by Eric A. Kimmel
Holiday House, 1991

Boots has two very rude brothers who are mean to just about everyone! But Boots is different and, when he is kind to an old woman, she gives him good advice that helps him to earn great good fortune!


Making Proud Connections


Elijah's Angel: A Story for Chanukah and Christmas
by Michael J. Rosen
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1992

The season for Christmas and Chanukah inspires Michael, a nine-year-old Jewish boy, to make a special menorah as a gift for his friend Elijah, an African-American woodcarver in his eighties. Elijah has been working on a gift for his friend, too: he gives Michael an angel that he has carved with his own hands.

Meet Danitra Brown
by Nikki Grimes, Illustrated by Floyd Cooper
Lothrop, 1994

As always, Cooper's illustrations are bound to capture the attention of young listeners and early readers, in this collection of snazzy poems about young Danitra and her best friend, Zuri, who take themselves beyond the city as they jump rope and share dreams.

Mrs. Katz and Tush
by Patricia Polacco
Bantam Books, 1992

Another in the series of great children's books by Patricia Polacco, this is the story of Mrs. Katz, a lonely Jewish widow from Poland, who becomes friends with a young African American boy, Larnel, who gives Mrs. Katz the suprise gift of a kitten.


Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone
by Fiona French
Little, Brown, and Co., 1991

Two characters from Jamaican and African folktales, Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone, both want to marry beautiful Miss Louise. The problem is that first they have to make her laugh!





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