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'Molas,' Jim Davis-Rosenthal

STANDARDS is an online electronic journal. We do not publish a print version. However, all past issues are available online at this site. Inquiries regarding our journal may be sent to:
Submissions of original, unpublished fiction, prose, poetry, drama/performance art, photography/visual art, and all points in between, may be submitted by the same link, throughout the year. We will occasionally consider reprints; include original publication information.


STANDARDS regularly includes our tribute to the BEST OF THE SMALL PRESSES around the world. Publishers may submit their catalogues for our editors' choice of review, or may submit from up to ten (10) individual entries. Our staff reads each selection, and often takes the book(s) into a university classroom setting, to gather further opinions and to advise our readers as to whether the book might work well as required college reading. All publishers submitting works will have at least one book reviewed. The publisher who wins our BEST OF THE SMALL PRESS AWARD receives online review of every book submitted, as well as recommendations to our readers as to the potential for classroom use. Guidelines for copyrights are always followed, in reviews, and longer portions or whole stories, essays, plays or poems are only reprinted with the permission of the author and/or publisher. Texts will appear in their original languages, and should be accompanied by an English translation.


STANDARDS welcomes the submission of unsolicited manuscripts and images from authors and artists around the world. By email attachment, use either a Word 6.1 for Mac file or as an ASCII/text only file. Visual art should be sent as either GIFs or JPEGs. No original materials can be returned; be sure to save your work in your email outbox. Please include a return email address.


As a not-for-profit journal, STANDARDS does not offer payment of any type for accepted submissions. However, as a leader in our field, you can be assured that publishing in our web pages does bring its own merits...


Copyrights revert to the author, and are shared by the STANDARDS Editorial Collective, for reprinting only. Text in languages other than English and Spanish are accepted, with accompanying translation to English. (In opposition to the negative effects of current "English Only" laws on the burgeoning Latino/Spanish speaking populations in the United States, we have printed some "Spanish only" texts in our journal.) Please allow three weeks for queries; six to eight weeks for editorial consideration of complete submissions.


Please read the About STANDARDS page, for answers to frequently asked questions.

Original Graphic, "Molas" © 1998 by Jim Davis-Rosenthal

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