'Tension,' by Jim Davis-Rosenthal



Asian Women's Art: An on-line exhibit of folk paintings by women artists in the Madhubani district of northern India.

Additional Links to Madhubani Paintings on the World-Wide Web

Egyptian Artifacts Exhibit, brought to you by the University of Memphis. This collection boasts an astonishing collection of online photos, with text descriptions of historical and cultural relevance of the icons.

The Mansoor Amarna Collection of Egyptian Artifacts, one of the world's most prized exhibits of relics, is here represented not only in photographic form, but also as a point of discussion for critics, scholars, and art historians. Links to these various opinions are well represented at this site.

"The Influence of Japanese Art on Western Culture," Essays and Gallery by Poul Genefke Thye; text in English and Dutch.

Homepage on Japanese Art and Western Influence, an overview of 300 years' of Japanese art, from textiles to paintings, from a gallery in Amersterdam.

Russian Arts Page: A gallery of works contrasting artistic styles before and after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Artes e Historia: Foro de Cultura Mexicana. A virtual tour (yes, promoting tourism) of the arts and history of Mexico. Worth the cyber-trip.

Una Exabicion de Arte Mexicana. On-line galleria of some of the proudest products of Mexican artistry, including works by Diego Rivera; Jose Clemente Orozco; David Alfaro Siqueiros; and Frida Kahlo. Escrito en espanol.

Mayan Culture and Arts Page: Bilingual, English and Spanish.

GB_Online's Mesoamerica. A well-designed, comprehensive lay introduction to Mesoamerican studies and arts. Includes topical discussion of Native Issues.

Los Murales Mexicanos. Excellent reproductions of the finest of Mexico's murales; highly recommended for both teaching and studying.

Contemporary Mexican Art, a Rockefeller-grant sponsored project in historical revisionisim, taking the Internet user into a new level of understanding of both Mexican history and its expression through the arts.

Dangerous Border Game. Guillermo Gomez-Pena finally online, with this odd game, in which "Performance provocateurs Guillermo Gómez-Pena and Roberto Sifuentes navigate the dangerous art zone between political correctness and compassion fatigue, between affirmative action and the Contract with America,when they team up with choreographer Sara Shelton Mann and performance artist Nao Bustamante to create an end-of-the-century freak show type extravaganza, subverting recognizable pop cultural formats." 'Nuf said.

De la Guarda. Argentine group of "research and realization" for artistic events. Group members gather from a variety of disciplines: theatre, dance, music, mountain climbing and architecture, making for some stunning originality. Text in English or Spanish.

Fallout Shelter Playhouse. The way performance art used to be.

textbildklang. Surreal and for real. The sort of combination we like in performance art. Text in English or German.

Rainbow House, a collection of arts and writings by persons with Dissociative Identity Disorder: real survivor work here!


NWHQ, (New World Head Quarters) a Canadian publication, is still Canéla's Best Pick for online fiction and poetry. If you're interested in cutting-edge literature, visit this luscious site; you won't be disappointed.

Suck, a sexy post-modern, post-sensible foray into the strange and witty, updated every weekday by people who have a lot of time and a lot of energy.

Cafe Los Negroes (baby), still the hippest ezine on the 'web (hey, we're not in competition here, ya know...)

The Raven Chronicles/Speakeasy, a hot new multicultural ezine, and winner in the Best Literary Magazine category at this year's Bumbershoot.

Pulse!, a well-designed, interactive entry into Holland's (sub)cultures.

Kimera Editors' Note: "We hope to capture the chimeras let loose in this era approaching the 21st century. No subject is taboo, length is not a restriction; what we seek is quality, nothing less will do."

Diversity & Distinction is an undergraduate magazine at Harvard, published quarterly, that looks at issues of pluralism and multiculturalism and provides a unified forum for discussion at Harvard. Say the editors: "We'd like to think that we don't indulge in 'happy multiculturalism'-- or at least multiculturalism in a limited sense."


Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Homepage for the multiple-award-winning a cappella music group from South Africa, including sound samples, reviews, and your chance to learn a little Zulu.

www.ear1.com (check it out)


The Queers for Reconciliation Website, Australia: "Queers for Reconciliation is an inclusive collaboration. ... This year marks not just the 20th anniversary of the Mardi Gras parade but also ten years since the first organised Aboriginal presence in the parade. (A 'Black Gays' banner was on the 1980 Parade). 1998 is also being touted as the year of the 'race-based election' in Australia following the government's decision to pursue its racist 'ten point plan' opposing the High Court's Wik decision and Aboriginal land rights. For many thousands of Australians, in every city and town, it is vital to the future of this country that the Reconciliation process occur. We believe that it is vital that our communities play their part. A number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organisations have already made statements this year supporting Reconciliation and organisations are involved in practical and ongoing support - we are not the only ones taking action. Our website contains information about the group as well as extensive information about Wik and the 'Stolen generation'; a section full of actions you can take to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Reconciliation; andan online apology to the stolen generation from our communities; as well as a guestbook to contribute your thoughts on Reconciliation and a large section of links including information about indigenous gay and lesbian peoples around the world and the relationship between black and gay communities."

All One Heart: People United to Promote Tolerance of Diversity through Education. A new addition to the outreach services made possible by the World Wide Web, All One Heart provides a developing site with a few links, outreach services, reading references, and site membership, toward ending isolation amongst people facing intolerance. EDITORS' NOTE: Although this site is aimed at promoting diversity, there is no mention of sexual diversity, and the children's education sites do not offer links or programs for PFLAG or other such group activities.

Information about the American Dance Therapy Association, including FAQs, links, and degree program information.

Japan Dance Therapy Association Homepage. Text in English or Japanese. Mission statement: "The Japan Dance Therapy Association is to develop communication among dance therapists and the people concerned with dance therapy, to inform the role and its techniques of dance therapy, and to promote dance therapy in mental health and the community-at-large."

<"http://www.projhope.org/">Project Hope Homepage."Helping People Help Themselves" is the stated goal of this international humanitarian organization, now in its 40th year of operation.

British Society for Music Therapy. Homepage for the organisation, hosted by the Division of The Arts and Play Therapies, Roehampton Institute London. Includes information on publications, membership opportunities, and links to further off-site information. As part of its stated goals, this group "fosters the exchange of professional information between music therapists both in Britain and abroad."

Playwise/Spelenderwijs, the music therapy homepage for the Netherlands. Text in English and Dutch.

The Prinzhorn Collection: Arts by Patients of the Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Heidelberg. Named for the the art historian and physician, Hans Prinzhorn, who began his work at the Psychiatric Clinic in 1919, this rare art collection reflects the creative workings of over 500 patients, nearly all of whom had been diagnosed as chronically mentally ill and had been institutionalized, in some cases, for decades. For many years, the art collection went unattended in the clinic. In the 1970s, however, a hospital worker convinced the Volkswagen Foundation to finance a four-year project, through which the Collection was restored, catalogued and documented in accord with current museum practices. Very little of the works are currently available for online viewing; the community in Germany has thus posted this homepage to alert the international art community to the need for help in getting the works available to the public.

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