'Plate/Paper,' by Can&eacutela Analucinda Jaramillo

Volume 6, Number 2
Fall-Winter 1998-1999




SUNDER AARON was born in New York, to a mother and father who immigrated from India. Now employed in the field of international media, Sunder is based in Hong Kong, where he works long hours, stays physically fit, and continues to be an aspiring novelist. "My Father's Madness" is his first publication.

ROBERT JAMES BERRY: I'm a Londoner by birth, currently living and working on Penang Island, in West Malaysia. I lecture in English at the University of Science here. I've had poems published in the States, England and New Zealand.

DEAN CAMERON is an actor, playwright, author of fiction, and utter nutcase, living in the Hollywood Hills of Southern California. Although he is likely best known for his starring roles in the Ski School films, Dean has also appeared in numerous television roles, with parts in E.R., Family of Five, Mad About You, among many others. He is perhaps most proud of his work in the independent film Sleep With Me.

CHET dabbles in photography, music, radio, and television, in the Denver Metro areas of Colorado.

CLARISE is a young spirit in an old body, who has begun writing and painting in an effort to bridge the gap.

goGo dAncer is an international performance sensation, who travels extensively, bringing good will and excellent fashion tips to all men.

JIM DAVIS-ROSENTHAL is an artist, computer analyst, educational administrator, and political activist in Colorado. A member of the Editorial Board of STANDARDS since its founding, JDR continues to produce the majority of the inspired graphics on our pages. Questions/comments about his work on this journal may be sent to Jim directly.

L. DEERFIELD: I was widowed in September '97 when my crazy, brilliant, drunken magician lover died from smoke inhalation. Most of my work since then has dealt with some tangent of grief, or of my relationship with him. You can find out more about me and my interests (including gender transgression, airships, and magick) on my website, including a link to my memorial site for Patrick King. Feel free to write me directly from this link.

EMMANUELA DE LÉON combines her passions for painting, dancing, modeling, and networking by staying on top of things as they happen in the San Francisco Bay Area. By day, she is a therapist focusing on sexuality. Emmanuela is pleased and proud to be a new staff member of STANDARDS.

STEVEN G. FULLWOOD is a poet, essayist, humorist and librarian. His work has appeared in VENUS Magazine, the newsletters DANGEROUS DICK and nocturnal emissions and STANDARDS. Steven also edits three columns at Nubian Webspot "BrotherWrite," "Conversations with Steven," and "Dr. Dick, Advice Giver." Email Steven directly via this link.

HARRY HENDRICKSON lives in Los Angeles, California, where he works in the entertainment industry as a theatrical/model photographer and television computer graphics developer.

FANNY HOWE is one of the United State's most prominent and prolific authors. She has published more than 20 books of poetry and fiction, including Saving History, Famous Questions, and The Quietist. She is a professor of Writing and American Literatures at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), in La Jolla.

CANÉLA ANALUCINDA JARAMILLO founded STANDARDS while developing multicultural literature and writing curricula at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Print versions of the journal remained available while Canéla studied at Stanford University. After graduating her first students from the private high school she founded and directed in Boulder, Dr. Jaramillo is taking a well-earned hiatus from teaching, and has begun a private therapy practice, focusing on trauma recovery. She lives with her son, Josh, and her two daughters, Paloma and Liliana.

PALOMA SIERRA CALIPO JARAMILLO began horseback riding in earnest last year, on her 10th birthday, and throughout the months has been working at local stables in exchange for leasing her own horse. Having determined that she will one day be Rodeo Queen, Paloma is keen on both Western and English riding styles, and has recently found her first spirit horse.

JOANN AND CREW live, struggle, work, love and create in the United States.

JIM LAWRENCE is a native of Michigan, now happily relocated in Colorado. An avid photographer, cartographer, and physiologist, Jim fills his days with mindless work and his nights with wild passion, while waiting for that moment when his true goals will be realized.

GINA PAIZ is 19 and, in the last year, has learned much from the experience of falling hard and rising again.

JULIAN SAMUEL is a transnational writer and filmmaker whose works include short and medium length films and videos: Black Skin; White Masks (1973-79), Dictators (1982), Resisting The Pharaohs (1984; on the Montréal arms-export industry), and Red Star over the Western Press: Archive; Algeria, 1954-62 (1987); poetry Lone Ranger in Pakistan, (1986), The Raft of the Medusa (with Joceylne Doray); and a novel, Passage to Lahore, which weaves together autobiographical reflections on Britain, Lahore, Karachi and French Canada exploring cultural politics, racism, sexual politics, etc., (Mercury Press, 1995). He lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

ROWENA SILVER is one of the editors of Epicenter, a literary periodical. Her work has appeared in many journals, including Midstream, Bridges, Writer's Digest, Ariga and The San Fernando Journal.





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