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STANDARDS is the first international journal for multicultural studies on the web. Formerly a print publication, V6N2 is our fourth online issue. We are committed to providing an open forum for a broad spectrum of multicultural issues, in the U.S. and around the world.

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Canéla Analucinda Jaramillo
Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief

Jim Davis-Rosenthal
Graphics Diva and Editor-at-Large

Emmanuela Copal de Léon
California Correspondent and Staff Assistant

Inscrutable Design Consultant


Special thanks are due to the following individuals and groups, for their assistance with this issue: Fanny Howe; Graywolf Press; Red Crane Press; the international webweavers who watch out for our links (keep up the good work!); Josh, Paloma, and Liliana; and our readers around the world.

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We will probably maintain past issues online and archived indefinitely--


a) A worldwide oil embargo conspires to drive technological culture to its knees, making 17-state power outages a thing of commonplace.

b) Radical changes in html make earlier issues horribly illegible, disgracing our delicate sensibilities and rendering us helpless against the tide of innovative bells and whistles. A single-star rating from several prominent cybercritics drives us from the hypermarket, shamed.

c) VRML becomes the dominant form in which culture is rendered--no one watches TV anymore, let alone reads, the former seeming too flat and the latter a lost art, comparable to tatting and the slide rule.

d) The Standard Measure of Uniform Transmission (S.M.U.T.) Bill passes the 106th congress in the year 1999, leaving such rigid standards of intranational communication that the mere fact of cyberpublishing requires large teams of content scanners trained to navigate the travails of "I know it when I see it" sarcasm.

Jim Davis-Rosenthal




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