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AskOxford. From the people at Oxford Dictionaries, an online forum for accessing reference materials related to English language and grammar usage. Good site for younger students, offering basic information.

Encyclopedia Brittanica. Selected free offerings from the venerable encyclopedia, as well as excellent searchable data bases for the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Collegiate Thesaurus. User note: Be prepared for a few unrelated pop-up windows.

travlang's Translating Dictionaries. Quick reference tool for translating common words from any of a variety of world languages to another. User note: while this is a free service, be prepared to navigate through an onslaught of cookies and pop-up windows.

Virtual Reference Collection: MIT Libraries. Acronyms and almanacs, dictionaries and directories, science and statistics -- and more. A plethora of organized, easily accessible information, beginning with one click.

X-Refer: The Web's Reference Engine. Free site offering access encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, as well as books of quotations.




At-Risk Children and Youth Resources: important data from the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.

Center for Educational Reform Homepage. The place to go for support in every form of ed reform endeavor, whether it be charter schools, voucher projects, curricular measures, or students' rights.

The Grantsmanship Center. Resources for fundraising, grant-writing, and other aspects of learning to run a non-profit enterprise.

Best Practices in Education. Homepage for a not-for-profit organization dedicated to working with American teachers to find effective educational practices from other countries, to adapt and apply in United States schools. We sponsor innovative projects with tangible goals and facilitate their delivery to U.S. classrooms, in pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.




The Professional Cartoonists' Index links up at this site with civics lesson plans for grades K-12, using a splashy mix of syndicated comic strips, now available on the web. The editors of STANDARDS wish to thank USA Ed.Net Briefs for this new data. For more information on the site's development, contact the Los Angeles teacher and cartoonist couple associated with this project via teacher Peg Cagle.

The 'lectric Law Library: a jocular, efficient tool, including legal forms for downloading and concise definitions of "legalese." Great for students wishing to study law through mock practice.

EdLaw, Incorporated: Resources for Education Law, including data on ADA, IDEA, and other important info.

The Sixties Project, home of the Viet Nam Generation archives and a host of other valuable resources for understanding and contextualizing civic events of the 1960s. A multiple award-winning site, with searchable data base.

Supreme Court Audio Arguments: Teachers and students can download historically significant cases, and hear arguments on the Internet, through the audio components of this site.

Welcome to the White House, a governmental introduction to statesmanship. Take tours; ask questions; send email to the President, all from this site.




Arla Macia's War Against Tribal Voice, an explosive site demanding attention for contemporary indigenous identity politics.

The Black Collegian Magazine, a resource for African American professionals.

Center for World Indigenous Studies, offering a host of projects, data, and links.

The Escotet International Link: Education, an full-scope international and intercultural project relating to ethnic, cultural, and other fields of study.

Multicultural Internet Links, part of the Chicano/Latino Electronic Network (CLEN) and a joint project of the Center for Virtual Research in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at the University of California at Riverside, the Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA and the Linguistic Minority Research Institute at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Native Net. Sharing information, links, and resources, as part of Native thought in the U.S.

Taco Shop Poets. Offering a cutting-edge web site, with an interdisciplinary array of border confrontations.

WWW Hmong Homepage. Hmong culture, news, current events, and more. Includes English-Hmong dictionary for special education.




The Blackstripe. A leading internet resource for news, information and culture, for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people of african descent. Recommended for readers 18 and up.

Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA). An organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area, dedicated to furthering the interests of gay & bisexual Asian/Pacific Islanders by creating awareness; developing a positive collective identity; and by establishing a supportive community. Web site offers a calendar of events and community news.

Healthy, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students. Part of the American Pscychological Association's Education projects, this site is aimed at strengthening the capacity of the nation's schools to prevent the behavioral health risks of lesbian, gay, and bisexual students, through knowledge development, dissemination, and application, working with and through national organizations of school stakeholders.

National Consortium of LGBT Issues in Higher Education. A non-profit organization working to achieve higher education environments in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni have equity in every respect.

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). A national non-profit organization with over 80,000 members and supporters and more than 460 affiliates in the United States. The organization is comprised of parents, families and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons, celebrate diversity and envision a society that embraces everyone, including those of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. The web site offers a wide range of resources, information about events, and educational materials.

Planned Parenthood Online. Health, gender, and pregnancy-prevention information on the web.

Scarleteen - Sex Education for the Real World. Contemporary teen sex ed, offered in plain-spoken, no-nonsense, gay-friendly terms. Includes information for parents. The Society for Human Sexuality is a social and educational organization promoting understanding and appreciation for the many forms of adult intimate relationships and consensual sexual expression. The site provides a compendium of updated information. For readers over 18 only.

Trikone. Internet home celebrating South Asian ethnicities and affirming queer sexualities. Includes calendar of events, message boards, and information about the Trikone print magazine.


GENERAL EDUCATION SITES, an award-winning site, sponsored by one of the United Kingdom's leading news sources, The Guardian. Offers resources for students, parents, and teachers on a broad range of core educational topics, with both general studies and information specific to the U.K. Searchable index included.

ThinkQuest. Offers educational resources and challenges for students, along with libraries of information on a wide range of topics.





Archive of Folk Culture, an ethnographic collection from the Library of Congress.

Fat!So? ... "for people who don't apologize about their size..." An important aspect of gender and other liberal arts studies.

Gender and Sexuality: Well-designed, easily navigable pages from the EServer!, formerly at Carnegie Mellon, now based at the University of Washington. After perusing the gender and sexuality pages, try the EServer! home page for a plethora of additional liberal arts pages.

La Casa de Arenal Electronica: Seleccionada la mejor página Electronica en Latinoamérica. The best bilingual queer resources pages, in Spanish, English, French, Italian, and German.

Liberal Arts Links, direct to you, from the Global Campus.

The Mississippi Review Online, one of the best literary sources on the web.

Yahooligan's Art Soup, links to art sources for K-12 studies, from the folks at the Yahoo Search Engine.





Balancing the National Budget, a simulation program from UC Berkeley's Center for Community Economic Research (CCER). Go figure, mathematicians...

Mathematics Forum Online student center, teachers' resources, and math topics by subject, from Drexel University.




Boston Museum of Science. Highly professional, well-designed site, with an exciting offering of online exhibits, from archeology and electricity, to oceanography and weather.

Center for Chemistry Education. Free help for students and teachers; workshops; chemistry materials; and more!

Earth and Moon Viewer. Satellite, topographical, and city maps, with additional links.

Earth and Sky. From the award-winning Earth and Sky radio program, heard on thousands of radio stations across the U.S., comes this web site for learning more about popular topics in science. Includes audio downloads; texts in both English and Spanish; features authored by scientists; a teachers' lounge; and a special area for kids.

The Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception. Offers a wide array of resources, including a Digital Library; on-site activities (including a great page for navigating information about the Hubble Telescope); and links to important web pages.

San Diego Zoo. Homepage for the nation's greatest zoo (and we're not biased just because our editor-in-chief is a native of San Diego, either).

Smithsonian Magazine. Online features, images, and a searchable database, from one of the United States' most popular scientific journals.

The Visible Human Project. from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.




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