Making Peace through Difference  


Bibliographies and Sample Syllabi for Multicultural Studies




 The Atomic Bomb:
An Elective Course of Study for Senior High and Undergrads
Prepared by Michael F.G. Bolton

A Multicultural Approach to Civics
Prepared by Michael F.G. Bolton

New Approaches in Geography
Prepared by Michael F.G. Bolton

Engaging Students in Geometry
Sample Syllabus by Mike Yansak

Health and the Human Body:
The Urgencies of What's Real and What Matters for Today's Teens
Sample Syllabus by Michael F.G. Bolton

Cultural Controversies:
Internalization, Response, Intervention
Designed and Taught by Canéla A. Jaramillo

An Introduction to Third World Imaginations
and Interventions in Film and Literature:
Syllabus and Model Lesson Plans by Julian Samuel

Considerations in "American" "History"
Sample Syllabus for Undergraduates by M.F.G. Bolton




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