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M.F.G. BOLTON alternates between the literary poles of F. Scott Fitzgerald and a rather Faustian ennui. Following in the tradition of his father, who emigrated from Australia to England, Mr. Bolton crossed the Atlantic to live in the United States, where he is happy to have a temperate full-time job (with benefits!) and a chaotic full-time family (also with benefits).

PAT BORAN has published 2 collections of poetry with the Dedalus Press in Ireland, winning the Patrick Kavanagh Award for his first, The Unwound Clock. His new collection, The Shape of Water, will appear in Spring 1996.

WILLIAM BRAY is Kialegee Creek from Wetumka, Oklahoma; his clan is Wind. He has resisted schooling at Stanford University, Oklahoma City University, and Dartmouth College. He is grateful to the forces who conspire to make him possible.

FRANCES BROWN: I'm a proud member of Sisters of the Babbling Tongue, whose life work will not be done until all the dirty little secrets of the world are hung out and flapping in the breeze like Monday's wash.

LENNI J. CALIPO is a sexy young thing just waiting for her perfect match (still). She considers many words to be overused; for this reason, she is a visual artist. Lenni admires the blind faith of Mr. Magoo.

DEAN CAMERON is 33, lives in Los Angeles, California, and used to make a pretty good living as an actor in the '80s. If you're interested, you can see a fairly complete bio on the Cardiff Movie Database. He's proud of a movie he's in called Sleep With Me. He shares a floor of a house in the Hollywood Hills with his dog, Big Daddy.

DON LEE LEWIS CARDINAL (CREE) is currently studying at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is from the Sucker Creek Cree First Nation in northern Alberta, Canada, where he hopes to finish his journey. While here, he writes in English and dreams in Cree.

SAUKOK CHU: I am an undergraduate at Harvard University; I am female and Chinese; I have lived in Houston, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Florida, in that order; and I now live in New York. I am fluent in English, Cantonese (Chinese), and Mandarin (Chinese), and I am the Co-director of the 8th Annual Harvard Asian American Intercollegiate Conference (February 1997). I would like to thank the Chinatown teenagers who have taught me the meaning of courage and hard work and who have inspired me with fresh perspectives. I wish them all the best of luck.

goGo danCer, PhD is an internationally acclaimed celebrity (which goes without saying). She has a finger in politics and a variety of other pies, and is on the leading edge of lesbian flair. goGo refuses to eat at home, declaring that habit to be passé and bourgoise. She has yet to pay for a single meal; friends cite her intoxicating blend of lively linguistics and devil-may-care beauty as the only explanation. goGo's honorary doctorates, from a variety of revered educational institutes, form an imposing intellectual collage on the South wall of The Chocolate Room (East Wing). Ms. danCer is often rumoured to be the love child of Isadora Duncan. She has yet to deny these claims.

JIM DAVIS-ROSENTHAL is a graphics diva par excellence, who has currently refurbished a lovely townhouse with his very own hands (no keystrokes required). Having recently completed his PhD in Literature, with an emphasis on cultural nationalism, JDR has decided to keep his day job as a sysop, where he can be close to PhotoShop and other delicious toys. Evenings and weekends, JDR can be seen partaking of fine food and drink at any number of local eateries, in the esteemed company of his many friends. Questions/comments about graphics, snap divas, and local politics may be sent to Jim directly.

L. DEERFIELD: I was widowed in September '97 when my crazy, brilliant, drunken magician lover died from smoke inhalation. Most of my work since then has dealt with some tangent of grief, or of my relationship with him.

EMMANUELA COPAL DE LEON added her work to this early issue of STANDARDS at a very late date, mostly out of an abiding love and respect for Essex Hemphill.

JOHN GAGE DENNETT III has changed his whole life, entered a new world, and is thinking about revisiting earlier notions about tanning, by going outside once in a while. A multi-platform computer joy-boy, music freak, and dedicated STANDARDS webmeister, John responds quickly to all relevant intrigues sent his way.

ED FALLON is a State Representative in Iowa.

RICHARD FEIN: I have been published in many print and E-zines. Some of the print 'zines include Oregon East, Kansas Quarterly, Oyez, Parnassus Literary, Touchstone, and several others. Some of the E-zines are Morpo, Snakeskin, PIF, Afternoon, and many others. My day job is teaching. I have the "privilege" of watching the public school system collapse under the "contract with America" budget cuts.

STEVEN G. FULLWOOD is a graduate student at Clark Atlanta University, and writes part-time for VENUS magazine. Steven is currently working on a book about spiritual enlightenment for African American gay males.

MARCO GARRIDO wrote "Adidas" while a student at Harvard University.

CARLA A. HALPERN: I am a hearing person with a background in linguistics and law. Educational background: M.A., Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin, 1992; B.A., Linguistics & Philosophy, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1990. I am currently a law student at Harvard Law School, class of 1997.

ESSEX HEMPHILL wrote Earthlife, Bedside Companions, and Conditions. Continuing the early editorial work of Joseph Beam's In the Life, Essex compiled and edited the partner collection, Brother to Brother. His works have also appeared in numerous newspapers and journals, as well as in the award-winning documentaries Tongues Untied and Looking for Langston. Excerpts of Essex's works are anthologized in a host of books, ranging from Gay and Lesbian Poetry in Our Time to Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian. Essex Hemphill passed on November 4, 1995, of AIDS-related complications. We remember him with love and admiration.

LOIS HOLMES lives, works, and parents in Washington, D.C.

MARIO HUERTA is a writer, cultural activist, performer and teacher who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

CANÉLA ANALUCINDA JARAMILLO teaches cultural studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Along with a dream team of educators and other community heroes, she has recently been approved to begin the first charter high school for at-risk teens in the Boulder Valley School District. The school will be called Baobab Community High, and will offer internships on STANDARDS, when we begin classes in 1997.

PRIYA JHA is the silliest girl in the universe, unless she's studying in her tortoise-shell glasses. A delectable melange of East Indian, New York, and Valley Girl dialects, Priya can speak on almost any subject, while giggling continuously.

CAROLINE LINDER faked her own death and was reincarnated as a New Yorker. She lives in the city and interns for Grand Street. She can be reached, posthumously or with good intent, by email.

JOE MATTHEWS, Harvard, class of 1995, currently works for the Baltimore Sun, and is a former Managing Editor of the Harvard Crimson.

MYC MOSES is perhaps best known for his exceptional mango chutney. Having spent 4 years at Penn State, MYC went on to serve 7-10 at the State Pen, for unauthorized charitable contributions from QG and Associates, the bond trading company with which he was then employed. Mr. Moses enjoys a fetish for old Winston Churchill memorabilia, and takes pleasure in playing Waylon Jennings numbers on his Wurlitzer organ. He is approximately 25, and drives as if his life depends on it.

TIM NEESE is now and ever shall be the Great Computer Daddy of the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is single, available, honorable, and quite the looker. We are privileged to have had his continued help and foresight in the production of this cyberjournal.

ROY ROMER is Governor of the State of Colorado.

CURT DARIUS WILLIAMS: At the age of five, I promised my parents I would make the world a better place. After 21 years of school, two degrees, honors and awards, I'm currently resting up for what lies ahead.

SABU: I'm a 30-year-old, mixed-race male Artist (Painting, Sculpture & Photography) based in London NW1, practicing full-time independent since graduating. Other than on the net, I have not exhibited for several years (supporting myself through a broad range of commissions). However, I am nearing completion of what I feel to be my most ambitious series of works to date (life-size "Paintography" on canvas) for which I am now looking to stage an international touring exhibition. "Alienation Nightmare" is one part of that series.

KENULE BEESON SARO-WIWA struggled and died for the rights of his Ogoni people and Nigerian homeland. Although his final statement was never heard by his executioners, we hope that activists around the world will be moved to continue resistance to tyranny and injustice, in reading his words.




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