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 Pat Boran, Procession (Poetry)

William Bray, Choctaw (Poetry)

Frances Brown, Gaps, Roses Won't Grow in Concrete Gardens, and Silence Not The Cross (Poetry)

Dean Cameron, Between States (Fiction)

Don Lee Lewis Cardinal, The River People (Fiction)

Saukok Chu, Kids at Work (Small Press Award)

Jim Davis-Rosenthal, Swimming to Hawai'i and Polydolphins (Performance/Mixed Media)

Representative Ed Fallon, Gay Marriages (Essays)

Richard Fein, Lifter, Dynamic Capitalism, and Traffic Jam (Poetry)

Steven G. Fullwood, Funny Thing, Essex (Tribute to Essex Hemphill)

Marco Garrido, Adidas (Small Press Award)

Carla A. Halpern, Listening in on Deaf Culture (Small Press Award)

Marian J. Hennessy-Fiske, Catholic (Small Press Award)

Lois Holmes, An Open Letter (Tribute to Essex Hemphill)

Mario Huerta, Calle (Fiction), Historias de Un Nuevo Amor (Performance), and Cuerpo (Poetry)

Canéla Analucinda Jaramillo, Introduction (Contents); Only If You Cha Cha (Fiction); Self-Portrait: An Indictment (Performance/Mixed Media); and Posted (Poetry)

Priya Jha, Jha Girl (Performance/Mixed Media)

Caroline Linder, Invocation (Poetry), Haircut and The Weather Channel (Fiction)

Joe Matthews, White Guys (Small Press Award)

MYC Moses, Counting Ones (Fiction)

Governor Roy Romer, Veto (Essays)

Sabu, Alienation Nightmare (Performance/Mixed Media)

Curt Darius Williams, The Ideal Breed (Essays); Racism, Oreo, and OUT! (Sound Poetry)

Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa, Statement Before Execution (Essays)




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