Volume V, Number 2

Spring 1996



Submissions Policy



STANDARDS welcomes the submission of unsolicited manuscripts and images from authors and artists around the world. Original, unpublished fiction; prose; poetry; drama/performance art; photography/visual art; essays; educational syllabi or lesson plans; and all points in between, may be submitted by email, throughout the year. We will occasionally consider reprints; please include the original publication information.

Texts authored in languages other than English and Spanish are accepted, with accompanying translation to English. In opposition to the negative effects of current "English Only" laws on the burgeoning Latino/Spanish speaking populations of the United States, we continue to publish "Spanish only" texts in our journal.



For works unrelated to our specific themes, STANDARDS accepts submissions year-round.


We are, at present, an annual publication. Our new issues are online each year between Spring and Fall.



As a not-for-profit journal, STANDARDS does not offer payment of any type for accepted submissions. However, as a leader in our field, you can be assured that publishing in our web pages does bring its own merits.



Submissions Guidelines


How To Submit to STANDARDS:

1. Conduct all correspondence by email, with the subject line "Submission," to the email link below.

2. Do not send query letters with manuscript titles only; it is impossible for us to make editorial determinations about the quality of a manuscript based solely on a title.

3. In the enquiry stage, please do not send attachments. Rather, paste the submission into the body of an email, for our review. If accepted, special characters and formatting may be sent in an attached document.

4. Previously published works are not accepted, unless solicited.

5. Submissions of text should be fewer than 15 type-written pages. Longer works may be considered for serialization.

6. Submissions of graphics, photography, painting, and other visual arts may be sent as links to personal web sites. If that is not an option, please email us for more information.

7. Include the title of the work(s); author/artist name; email address; and a short contributor's note with each submission.

8. All submissions should be available for potential publication in V8 N1 of STANDARDS. Making simultaneous entries to other publications is acceptable, but if the work is to be published elsewhere, the author must notify our offices immediately in writing to negotiate copyright information.


9. Except in the case of books sent to our offices for review, we strongly discourage receipt of hard-copy materials. In the event that we do agree to review materials by post, please include a SASE with sufficient postage for return of any hardcopy materials.


10. Please allow 6-8 weeks for editorial consideration of submissions. And feel free to contact us by email, if that time has expired without response. We are a small staff of generally beleaguered volunteers; sometimes even important items escape our notice.




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