Meagan> No. But it's easy to surmise.

<_JBerg> Know what the addiction is? Not the being online, or even the chatting, or anything so mundane.

Meagan> Attention?

<_JBerg> Think about it, and see if you can deduce the reason/cause of addiction.

Meagan> It's like a community/family/connection, 24/7. Right?

<_JBerg> Yeah, a real "family." Including brothers like that Extreme Asshole. :)

Meagan> Plus the anonymity factor.

<_JBerg> Bingo! Anonymity and the ability to be who you aren't.

Meagan> So you think that reinforces the unhealthy aspects of "splitting"?

<_JBerg> See, anyone can be anything, online. However, this is *not* healthy. It induces schizophrenia. A separation from reality. You need the opposite!

Meagan> Okay: I buy that.

<_JBerg> You need to learn to accept reality and to accept yourself.

Meagan> But that's a *process*, JB. If I could jump to that, I would; believe me. You think I don't know?

<JBerg> Now, have you decided why you "needed" to talk?

Meagan> Yes. I have. Ready?

<JBerg> Yep <sipping coffee>

Meagan> Okay. What I've decided, in studying and meditating/praying, is this: in alchemy, there is a process of renewal: dissolve, consolidate, quicken, moderate. Translates to: dissolution, re-integration, activity, and grounding. One part of me was ill. I named it Meagan, here.

*** Action: JBerg wants an invitation to Meagan's funeral.

Meagan> Because, to have power over this, is to finish the process. To re-integrate, with you, is how. Understand?

*** Action: Meagan issues the invitation; doesn't know the date...

<JBerg> Yes, I understand.

Meagan> That's it.

<JBerg> Kinda knew the overall. Was waiting for you to find the path out of the dark woods. You think the forest is thinning?

Meagan> The Qabbalah teaches that through prolonged practice, we can actually change the cells of the body. That the body of the initiate is sacred; different from others. When I *touch* someone, physically, I remember that. The net is different. A place to dump/hump/explore what stays crying in the forest. See?

<JBerg> The touch is there. Witness our "touching." :)

*** Action: JBerg has had a hand extended, all along. :)

Meagan> This is psychical, not physical, JB :) Quantum physics aside, I still have that Newtonian entropy to deal with. It is still, after all, a *law*. :)

<JBerg> I do not believe physical touch is required for people to be of help to each other. You needed something that you felt I could give. I offered what I have. It's up to you, whether I have a tool you can use.

Meagan> Second law of thermodynamics: entropy. All things lead from order to chaos. Your hand is in quantum physics, where I could move from any moment to any other. Meagan is stuck in entropy.

<JBerg> Newton said a body continues in a straight path, unless operated on by an outside force. Have you changed your course?

Meagan> Physically, in the flesh, I would know how to touch you. My course and Meagan's are dissonant. I need her to come with me. I'm working on it...:) It's a trajectory, anyway, JB, and it isn't always straight: in Newtonian mechanics, the nature of the universe is spiral, I think.

<JBerg> I've been of the opinion that you, Michelle, and myself, are all interacting in something. What, I have no idea.

Meagan> Michelle will find her way. She's *very* strong. You displace a lot of your fears about the world onto her (if I may make so bold a statement). :)

<JBerg> I hope to teach her "controlled fear" of the world. The world is an ugly place. But, she has the ability/strength to create a beautiful life. But, only if she can first learn to accept/see the dangers.

Meagan> She's fine, JB. Really. It's you I worry about.

<JBerg> Yes, I'm having great difficulties. Dealing with the job situation (senior person in a lower level position), home life (senior person w/ junior wife), etc. But, the pressures are lightening. You should ask her how "strong" she was, 2 years ago.:)

Meagan> Are you arguing that you "saved" her?

<JBerg> Heavens! I'd *never* suggest/imply that I've "saved" her! I hope that I've been able to give her tools to allow her to save herself, however. :)

*** Action: Meagan would love to see JBerg's tool-belt...:)





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