An Athlete Said, "Fat is Hell"




  The media are responsible for the intolerance to physical diversity. We oppress those who do not conform to what is shown as "perfection," limiting acceptable representation by the age and structure of human form. Without constant visual cueing, the media would not be able to sell cosmetics or rationalize the "options" of axorexia and bulimia. Complacency is keeping these beliefs intact, keeping people home, keeping them in front of the TV in a fantasy, keeping them off the beaches and away from engagement in their lives. A neo-reality of the human form is needed, that will sell life, instead of starvation and isolation. By turning off the TV and looking in the mirror, we will find the true freedom that is the American way. Isn't it?  



"An Athlete Said, 'Fat is Hell'" © 1992, 1995 by Elcee
Original Artwork © 1992, 1995 by Elcee


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