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On this page you will find direct links to videos on children, youth and their environments hosted on other websites. Please contact us if you find that a link no longer works or if you want to suggest an additional link.

Interview with Darcy Varney, World Urban Forum III

CYE spokesperson Darcy Varney talks about Child Friendly Cities with CBC Today, June 21, 2006

8.3 mb Windows Media

Children Are People Too

This is a 5-minute film, directed by Philip Darley and produced by Jill Kruger, on “Growing Up in Cities” in Johannesburg, South Africa – an international program that involves young people in evaluating and improving their local environments.

Children Are People Too Video (JAVA applet)

Design Guidelines for Age-Appropriate Playgrounds

This 2-minute video illustrates guidelines for the design of playgrounds appropriate to specific age groups. It was produced by the National Program for Playground Safety.

Age-Appropriate Playgrounds Video (Quicktime)

Global Response

Global Response empowers people of all ages, cultures, and nationalities to protect the environment by creating partnerships for effective citizen action. At the request of indigenous peoples and grassroots organizations, Global Response organizes urgent international letter campaigns to help communities prevent many kinds of environmental destruction. Global Response involves young people as well as adults in these campaigns to develop in them the values and skills for global citizen cooperation and earth stewardship.

Global Response Informational Video (WMV)
Global Response Informational Video (RealMedia)

Learning Landscape Alliance

Since 1998, through a successful collaboration between multiple stakeholders, the Learning Landscape Alliance has transformed 22 neglected Denver elementary school playgrounds into attractive and safe multi-use playgrounds that are tailored to the needs and desires of the local community.

Learning Landscape Alliance Video (WMV)

The Making of the International Children's Digital Library

A large collection of videos at the Kids Design the Future website.