Submission Guidelines

The journal publishes papers on a broad range of topics and using different approaches, including quantitative and qualitative empirical research, theoretical, methodological and historical investigations, critical literature reviews, design analyses, post-occupancy evaluations, policy studies, and program assessments. We welcome papers from diverse viewpoints, varied approaches, and different cultures.

Although CYEs scope is not restricted to a particular disciplinary or professional paradigm, its organizing focus is the physical environment. We take a special interest in papers that focus on children and youth in environments of disadvantage and those with special needs as well as in papers that recognize the capacity of children and young people for meaningful participation in the processes that shape their lives. For additional information, see the CYE Mission

  1. Submit papers (about 6,000 words in length), plus tables, charts, illustrations, and references. The editors may consider shorter and, in exceptional cases, longer papers.
  2. On the first page of the paper, please provide:
    • the paper’s title
    • an abstract of 100 words or less
    • a list of approximately five keywords that describe your article and will help people find your article in indexing and abstracting databases.
  3. Figures and tables, accompanied by figure numbers and captions, should be provided in a separate, clearly named file. However, please include the figure numbers and captions at the appropriate place(s) in the text. Figures should be saved as .jpg or .tif files. We encourage authors to include photos and other illustrations in their submissions.
  4. No part of the paper should include information that identifies the author(s). Please include a separate page that lists:
    • title of paper
    • authors’ names and affiliation (e.g., place of employment)
    • a short (100 words or less) biographical note for all authors
    • full contact information for the author(s)
    • a few keywords describing each author’s research interest
    • information about any websites or relevant organizations that relate to the subject of your article

  5. All papers should conform to the CYE Style Guidelines below.
  6. Send submissions in electronic form to the editorial address below.
  7. Prospective authors may want to correspond with the editors in the early stages of manuscript development concerning the focus and direction of their intended paper.

Style Guidelines

  1. All pages should be numbered.
  2. All references should be made in-text, rather than as footnotes or endnotes. These references should take the following form: (Smith 1999). If it is necessary to cite a particular page number, the reference should be in the following form: (Smith 1999, 27).
  3. If necessary, acknowledgements or explanatory notes may be included as endnotes numbered with Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.). Please keep these notes to a minimum.
  4. All papers and accompanying figures and tables should be submitted with American English spelling, rather than British English. (To change the language in an MS Word document, first “select all” (ctrl-a) of your text, then choose “Language” and “Set Language” from the Tools pull-down menu. Choose “English (U.S.)” from the available list.)
  5. References should be included in a separate Endnotes or ProCite file.
    If you do not have access to this software, please format all references in the CYE Style, as shown in the following examples. (Please note capitalization and punctuation conventions.)
  6. Book:
    Holloway, Sarah and Gill Valentine, eds. (2000). Children’s Geographies: Playing, Living, Learning. London and New York: Routledge.

    Book Chapter:
    Jencks, Christopher and Susan Mayer (1990). "The Social Consequences of Growing up in a Poor Neighborhood." In Lynn, Laurence and Michael McGeary, eds. Inner-City Poverty in the United States. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 111-186.

    Journal Article:
    Gallagher, Claire B. (2004). “Our Town: Children as Advocates for Change in the City." Childhood 11(2): 251-262

  7. CYE is an interdisciplinary journal. Authors must communicate to a wide audience with many readers in fields other than their own. Language must, therefore, be direct and void of unnecessary jargon and technical terms. Use the active voice as much as possible.

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